MMORPG Mabinogi celebrated its 14th birthday with a new server, and the plan is to merge servers in order for more people to be able to enjoy them.

The “Mabinogi stardust” is a game that has been around for 14 years. Mabinogi has announced plans to merge servers, and release a new server too.

Mabinogi celebrates 14th birthday, plans server merges and new server too


This weekend is a huge one for Mabinogi, the long-running animation sandbox: On Sunday, the game will celebrate its 14th anniversary with a full-fledged celebration. “The 14th anniversary celebration will feature a slew of changes, ranging from a 20% decrease in item repair costs to Crom Bás dungeon polishing, which includes enhanced drop rate and a shorter total dungeon duration,” Nexon claims. Players may expect, among other things:

• 14th Anniversary Night Bazaar – Meet Dero the Eventsman at Festia’s Main Gate to register your main character for this guide quest, which includes rewards and mini-games. In addition, while issuing a check from the Tir Chonaill bank, all characters will be able to acquire a 14th Anniversary Check design. • 14th Anniversary Quests – Bazaar Experience – Upon completion of all goals, players will get an unique Festival Souvenir Hebona Robe sewing pattern as well as the chance to win a Festival Commemorative Luxury Equipment Bag Box, 20,000 EXP, and 25 instant prize tickets. • Daily Quests: Finding Fruitful Fulfillment – 14th Anniversary Quests Every day, gamers compete for prizes in the Night Bazaar by completing a new assignment. By visiting the Cave of Trials, players will be able to collect Cotton Candy from the Dessert Merchant, participate in a variety of mini-games, and go on exciting adventures. • 14th Anniversary Hotdays – By checking in throughout the event, players will get an unique 14th Anniversary On-Time Gift Box every week, as well as 10 Night Bazaar Stickers every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. • Festia Instant Prize Event – Try your luck at the Capsule Machine in Festia, situated next to Fez, to unlock the Instant Prize window and get 20,000 gold or one Instant Prize Ticket, which can be obtained by participating in select 14th Anniversary events.

Last but not least, on April 14th, the servers will “completely integrate” – that is, merge – in conjunction with the launching of Erinn, a new server.


Mabinogi celebrates 14th birthday, plans server merges and new server too. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG with an anime style, which has been around since 2006. Reference: birthday party ideas teenage.

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