Pokemon Go is a game that has captured the hearts of both gamers and non-gamers alike. The augmented reality app has become wildly popular, with millions playing around the world. This year’s March to Alola event will see Pokemon go players journey across two continents in search of rare creatures and earn limited edition goodies for their efforts

The “season of alola pokemon go” is a new update for the popular game, Pokemon Go. This update will bring changes to the game such as new Pokemon and Alolan Forms.

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go March and Season of Alola


It’s officially March now, and in Pokemon Go that means we’ll be experiencing both a new month of content and shift seasons, so say goodbye to that extra trade candy. Also, say goodbye (again?) to stationary bonuses from incense, though Niantic’s said that the time will be boosted from 60 minutes to 90 (in spite of early reports that indicate spawns at a stand still are 1 per 5 minutes). The same Niantic missive also notes an increase of daily raid passes for the season (meaning from the start of March to the end of May). We assume this means people will be able to do at least two raids per day for free as per the seasonal post.

Clearly, the game’s meta is undergoing some changes, so on this episode of Massively on the Go, we’ll discuss not just what’s coming up in March, but also some of the bigger implications of the Season of Alola. Many of the games from Generation 7 were first launched in 2018, when the Sun and Moon games were first released. So grab a coconut and let’s see what March and the rest of the season have in store for us.

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First, there are spawns that last the whole season. Hit those beaches and mountains, particularly the latter since the peculiar ground/ghost type Golett spawns there as well, but beaches also feature Frillish, so hey, a little nature-trip incentive! Aside from deer variations, the Northern Hemisphere receives Bagon, while the Southern Hemisphere gets the ever-useful Beldum and the uncommon Nincada.

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The Welcome to Alola event will take place from March 1st to 9th, coinciding with the start of the season. This marks the beginning of Gen 7’s complete introduction. Because two of the wild pokemon are Flying types and two are Normal types, Mega Pidgeot will offer you the most bang for your money, giving you additional candy for half of the new pokemon, including a starter (the new dragon, Jangmo-o, is supposedly spawning in the wild). Raiders receive an extra candy, and because Rockruff and Tapu Koko (an electric/fairy-type legendary that was temporarily released as a PvP prize yesterday) are also new, Mega Pidgeot might give you a total of five new candies. Remember that we only receive two raid passes each day, so if it appears like you won’t be able to acquire at least one Tapu Koko every day, don’t be scared to attempt Rockruff.

Their use, on the other hand, varies. Rowlett and Poplio’s ultimate forms may be relatively helpful in their secondary typings (ghost and fairy, respectively) even before acquiring Community Day moves, although Tapu Koko may be somewhat equivalent to the so-so Electivire and unsuitable as a fairy type for the time being.

Every few weeks, there will be unique studies centered on several islands in the area. We don’t have any specifics on these yet, but we do know that they’ll culminate in a final event for players who finish them, so stay tuned for developments not just in March, but also in April and May.

There is a lot going on during the interim season, which we already covered, in terms of season-long events. This season, for example, a free-timed research ticket for PvP will be available in the shop, providing a little extra stardust. On March 5th, there will be a Seel-themed fight day, during which you will be able to perform 20 sets of 5 (100 battles) every day, up from the previous 5 sets, and you will also get this season’s avatar shoes.

You can see what’s in store for the remainder of the season, which we’ll go into more detail about later. However, there are a few key points to remember throughout the whole month: To begin, players who achieve level 20 will get the entire season avatar attire and posture, as well as the Pikalibre pokemon, which is generally only available to those who reach rank 25. If you’re a collector of pokemon and/or avatar things, rank 20 enables you to keep your current rank even if you lose, so it’s highly wise to give PvP a push this season – particularly if the “huge” news stated for the May 29th event indicates Mega Pokemon may be arriving to ranked matches shortly.

While we already noted the season-long rewards of additional free passes and 90-minute incense, we’re receiving one-coin bundles with remote raid passes once again (and don’t worry, Remote Raid Damage Boosts will still be a bonus). Alola Vulpix will be the breakthrough prize in March as well.

However, there is no mention of developing existing Alola varieties like as Alola Exeggcuter, Alola Raichu, or Alola Marowak, which are Kanto pokemon. Cubone and Exeggcute are the first two Spotlight Hour pokemon, thus I say this. Perhaps this will be remedied soon, since the announcement makes no mention of new big features, as has been the case with every previous new generation to far, with the exception of Gen 5, which began with a slew of legendary raids and a unique research assignment.


A few additional things to keep in mind: Paras is a pokemon that yields 500 stardust, making it a better choice for utilizing Star Pieces if you’re running low on them. Although Growlithe does not have an Alola form, it does have a Hisuian form from the newly launched Pokemon Legends game, so new players should stock up on sweets.

3/1 Update: It has been stated that Kanto pokemon that develop into Alola versions are not provided a mechanism to do so, at least on release day.

Then there are Community Days. The next three Community Days will be place on Sunday, March 13th, Saturday, April 23rd, and Saturday, May 21st, as previously stated. The March event, which will involve Sandshrew’s family (both sides), is the most significant (and only one with information). Early study shows that their CD moves are a mixed bag, with the Alola Sandslash benefiting the most as a side-grade, while Kanto’s Sandslash seems to be a downgrade in many ways for open play.

Then there’s the Festival of Colors, which runs from Tuesday, March 15th, through Sunday, March 20th, and allows gamers to “enjoy a fluttering of joyous colours.” It’s a little late for Mardi Gras, but gamers are speculating that the event is connected to either Vivillon or Oricorio, the latter of which makes more sense to me given that this is about Generation 7. Plus, there’s datamining. Niantic, on the other hand, could be able to accomplish both. We’ll keep this page updated when new information becomes available.

Finally, from Tuesday, March 22nd to Tuesday, March 29th, there’s the Lush Jungle event, in which players may “brave the jungle throughout an Alola-inspired journey.” While it doesn’t say much, the Wednesday raid hours for March 23rd and 30th contain a question mark, implying that a new pokemon is on the way. From March 15th to 27th, Therian Forme Tornadus will be available, most likely to aid increase the “fluttering” celebrations, although I’m not sure if there’s any other relation to this new pokemon. Looking at what’s been datamined again, I’m wondering whether it’s Tapu Lele, which was discovered in the Lush Jungle in the manga, and/or Tapu Bulu, which is part grass. Both pokemon have been seen in recent datamined assets, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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