A guide on where to find the Pickaxe in Medieval Dynasty, the location of which can unlock new characters.

The “medieval dynasty mine locations map” is a guide that shows the location of mines in Medieval Dynasty. It’s helpful for mining and saving time on your gameplay experience.

Medieval Dynasty Pickaxe Location Guide

Pickaxe Location in the Medieval Dynasty Guide

Finding the Medieval Dynasty Pickaxe location happens to be key if you’re willing to broaden the number of activities that you can perform.

Used in mining, Medieval Dynasty’s Pickaxe lets you get your hands on more valuable resources. Whether you decide to use them for yourself or sell them, you’re bound to reap benefits.

Pickaxes do not grow on trees in Medieval Dynasty, but they may be purchased from merchants in two places.

Pickaxe Location in the Medieval Dynasty Guide

Pickaxe Location in the Medieval Dynasty Guide

Pickaxe Location in the Medieval Dynasty

We’re talking about Hornica and Lesnica in particular. The map in Medieval Dynasty clearly displays their positions, even if they aren’t quite adjacent to one other. Getting there is then just a question of surviving the wilderness.

If you’re in Hornica, look for Jan, the merchant. If you’re going to Lesnica, look for Teobald. The Pickaxe may be traded for like any other item. While prices may change, having roughly 450 gold on you is a smart idea.

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The “medieval dynasty guide” is a location guide for the popular game, Medieval Dynasty. The guide will help you find all of the pickaxes in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I steal a pickaxe in medieval?

A: In Medieval, there is a small chance to find pickaxes in chests.

How do you get a stone pickaxe in Medieval Dynasty?

A: You can find a stone pickaxe in the Conquest section of Medieval Dynasty.

Where are the mines in Medieval Dynasty?

A: The mines are found on the left side of your screen.

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