The Ukrainian government’s decision to ban Russian video game distribution, and the resulting uproar in the gaming world has led some companies to remove their games from international markets.

The “Ukrainian game developers” are the people who make games. The gaming industry reacted to the Ukraine crisis by saying that it was a good time for games and hopes that the situation will be resolved soon.

MMO Business Roundup: The gaming industry reacts to the Ukraine crisis


Welcome back to another collection of MMO and MMO-related industry and business news.

Ukraine: First, there’s no way around the news that Russia shelled and invaded Ukraine overnight as it’s on the front page of pretty much every paper and social media outlet. So far, we’ve seen RuneScape’s Jagex postpone content planned for today, Wargaming pull World of Tanks and World of Warships ads, Warframe hold back a stream, Apex Legends pause all its esports, esports teams pledge support and open their doors to gamers stranded because of the conflict, Gameloft express support for its Ukrainian game studios, and Bungie begin charity fundraising for victims of the conflict. We expect we’ll see more as the days march on.

Tencent, one of the world’s largest gaming firms, has pledged to become carbon neutral over the next eight years. “Tencent today announced its intention to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations and supply chain by no later than 2030,” according to a statement released this week by the firm. It’s also “committed by the end of the decade to utilizing green power for 100 percent of all energy used.” It’s worth noting that Gamigo was the first company to reach carbon neutrality in 2020.

Ubisoft: Ubisoft just can’t seem to keep itself out of trouble lately, and here’s another example. The company announced a Rainbow Six esports tournament in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which was met with considerable backlash from the game’s community given the country’s record on civil rights and the appearance of sportswashing. Ubisoft announced it’s moving the tournament, though not to where. (via MMO Fallout)

— Rainbow Six Esports (@R6esports) February 22, 2022

Roblox: Finally, Roblox released its financials for 2021, revealing a 108 percent increase in yearly sales and an 82 percent increase in quarterly revenues when compared to the same periods in 2020. However, as GIbiz points out, although those statistics are ridiculous – $2.7 billion in bookings? — growth has halted, and the game’s price has dropped 14% since the results report. This may be aggravating until you consider that Roblox is a very exploitative game that profits from children. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


The “n-ix game and vr studio” is a company that specializes in the development of games. The company has reacted to the Ukraine crisis by releasing a statement.

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