This guide will help you take advantage of the Switch’s features and play the game as efficiently as possible. With this guide, you will be able to take down the monsters and take home even more loot.

Monster Hunter is a franchise that has been around for a long time. The games are famous for their Monster Hunter style to them. The series came to Switch in the end of last year with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. This game has been a great success on the system and even though the game is not as popular as mainline Monster Hunter titles, it has managed to get a decent amount of reviews with an average of 7/10 score. In this blog post, I will be showing you which skills are the best to use and which ones are not that great for you.

Monster Hunter: World is finally out for the Nintendo Switch, and with the large amount of content available, it’s easy to forget that there are other weapons and skills to unlock. The Bow is great for mobility, and you can use it to shoot down monsters, barrel roll, or even stun them to make your life easier, but there are some special techniques you can use to make the most of your bow.

I’m pretty new to the arc in Monster Hunter Rise. Anyone who has been following our MHW build guide series knows that I have a soft spot for Lance, but Capcom has done something great by introducing Switch Skills and allowing players to customize their move sets. In Rise, the bow was already very nice, but the addition of special, interchangeable moves that allow you to shoot in the air and perform complex melee techniques really got me interested in this new weapon. This week we begin a new series looking at all the switching options in MH Rise. Below are the best skills for the Arc weapon type, so let’s get started!

How to equip switching skills in Monster Hunter Rise

First of all, it’s good to know how to equip your shifting skills. You can change your switching skill at any time by going to the item block and selecting Change Switching Skill. You can combine the skills available in this menu at any time. Image: Capcom via HGG word-image-6455 word-image-6456 The menu will automatically show all the switching skills you have unlocked for the type of weapon you currently own. Changing the specific weapon you are holding does not affect your switchable skills – the skills you equip apply to any weapon in that category.

How to unlock all the arc changing skills in Monster Hunter Rise

All switching skills in the game Monster Hunter Rise are unlocked in stages. The first one is relatively easy to get – just do ★★★★3 village tasks or ★★★★★2 node tasks. Talk to Master Utsushi at the Gathering Center, and he’ll give you the first trade skill for each type of weapon. Once the arc is down, this is where you get the Dodgebolt. You unlock a second switching skill when you replenish your weapons. If you make eight weapons of the same type, Master Utsushi will notice and offer you a new trade skill for that type of weapon. After you make eight unique arcs, you can talk to him to get the Air Aim ability. The third and final link option requires the completion of a specific task to unlock it. Once you reach ★4 hub quests, Master Utsushi will start assigning you special tasks at certain levels so you can learn new skills. Note that some tasks appear later than others, so you may have to wait a few levels before you unlock the skill you want. The quest ★★★★6 Become One with the Bow unlocks the final toggle skill for the bow, Absolute Shot.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Switch Skills forbow

Now that we’ve cleared up the technical aspects, let’s take a look at the capabilities of the Switch itself. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at each skill in the switch, examine how they compare to other skills in their slots, and talk about which skill players prefer for their yachts.


Image: Capcom via HGG word-image-6457 word-image-6458 Dodge (L Analog + B Aim) replaces loaded dodge and allows you to maintain the charge level of your bow while dodging at close range. With the right timing, Dodge can even increase the current load level of your bow. Evasion is combined with a swirling melee attack, meaning you can also perform a quick attack on a monster if it’s in range when you perform this move. This melee attack is the biggest difference between Dodgebolt and Charging Sidestep, but there are a few other changes to note. Charge dodge has a longer dodge range and is guaranteed to charge your bow with an extra step (regardless of time). It requires a little more stamina, but is less dependent on timing and precise positioning. The Dodgebolt has much tighter specs, but is probably not as user-friendly for beginners who have yet to learn how to handle a bow. That’s why players are divided on whether it’s better to have your bow shots with a dodge or charge function. Personally, I think it all depends on how comfortable you are with the weapon. If you are unsure of your timing and positioning, it may be better to rely on the more traditional charged dodge maneuver and accept a slightly greater loss of endurance. As you get more practice, you can use the Dodgebolt attack in close-quarters combat.

Air target

Image: Capcom via HGG word-image-6459 word-image-6460 Aerial Aim (R + X) is a jump shot that uses your wire clip to catapult you into the air, allowing you to shoot up to three times in the air. These shots do more damage, and you can even get a powerful stab at close range if you aim directly below you. Because this is a silk-bonding attack, you also inflict damage on the riding animal, which adds to the target monster’s Wyvern Ride value, making it easier to grab and ride. This skill replaces shooting at targets, which is only really useful if you’ve just learned to use a bow. Focus Shot is a dodge you can perform in any direction (by default, you jump backwards unless you choose the direction with the analog stick) to land in a crouch. The squat move allows you to quickly restore your stamina, making this move ideal when your stamina is low and you need to quickly dodge an attack and restore your stamina. Most players prefer Air Aim because of the significant increase in damage. Good stamina management makes directed fire pretty much useless in most hunts – even if you’re in the middle of a tough fight, there are better ways to restore your stamina without losing any of your side attacks. Once you learn to attack regularly without using your stamina, you’ll be fine.

Absolute firepower

Image: Capcom via HGG word-image-6461 word-image-6462 Absolute Power Shot (A after the shot) is an improvement on the basic Power Shot. It does the same thing as a regular Power Shot, which is a high-speed arrow on the next charge level of your last arrow (whether it’s a regular shot, a charged Sidestep or a Dodgebolt). Just like with the Power Shot, you can take another Absolute Power Shot after the first one. The main difference between the two techniques is that the absolute power shot requires a little more stamina and has a chance to stun a sample. For the rest, form and function remain unchanged. In general, players prefer the normal Power Shot to the enhanced Switch skill. You can usually only stun monsters once or twice during a hunt, and the increased stun rate doesn’t really justify the extra endurance cost. Even during Rampage quests (where subtasks often involve stunning a monster), it’s best to draft Ballistas and use their stone fire to stun and repel monsters. You can use the absolute shot if you are struggling to keep up and want to increase the chance of stun while increasing the meter, but in general it is better to train with a ballista and use the normal shot.   word-image-2296 word-image-2297


This is the end of our guide on the best skills for MH Rise bow guns – thanks for reading! There are many ways to combine these skills. Tell us your favorite combination in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to receive more guides like this one. Have fun searching!The MHW Switch has a great screen, a great battery, a great controller, and a great price. But for a Monster Hunter fan, the Switch doesn’t offer all that much. Sure, it has the full game, but Monster Hunter World isn’t the kind of game that really lends itself to the touch screen. That’s where a good old-fashioned controller comes in!. Read more about mh rise bow switch skills reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bow good in Monster Hunter rise?

We all know the Monster Hunter series is a ridiculously popular game, with millions of gamers worldwide playing the games and making it a massive hit, with the latest entry being the biggest one yet. One of the most popular game modes in the series is the Monster Hunter World’s “Bow Mode”. This game mode is pretty basic, in which players have to hunt down and kill huge monsters while using a bow and arrow. Monster Hunter: World is an upcoming game in the Monster Hunter series that is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2018. Already, many fans are excited for this fusion of old and new. The Switch version will feature a new full HD 1080p display. To accompany this, it will have a fully-fledged motion control system, with the Joy-Con controllers allowing for the same gameplay as the Wii U version.

How do you aim a bow in Monster Hunter rise?

You’re probably asking yourself right now, how in the world am I supposed to aim a bow in Monster Hunter? Well, you’re not the first person to ask that. And you won’t be the last. To answer your question, you use the gyroscope for aiming in Monster Hunter, rather than a thumb stick. And for the first time in Monster Hunter, the gyroscope is used to aim a bow. Most games that rely on a bow-and-arrow system rely on auto-aim to make it easier to hit your target. This can be a problem, since most games require more precise aiming. However, the Monster Hunter franchise has perhaps the best aiming system, because it works in tandem with the game’s display. That means that the aiming system makes it harder to hit your target, but also easy to see where you’re aiming, so you can adjust for your own skill level. This is pretty awesome, and it works with most bows.

How do you Silkbind attack with a bow?

Ironkraft is a great game that allows you to play in new ways that aren’t possible in other game.. One of the best things about it is the weapon use system. You can craft weapons and items by collecting materials and materials and using them to make weapons. You can make a sword and a rapier, a bow and a hammer, a dagger and a spear, and all sorts of other weapons. However, some weapons are better than others, so you’ll want to have a certain weapon to use against the monsters you face. If you were a hunter in ancient Japan, you were expected to master the ancient art of Silkbinding. Before you could hunt down monsters, you needed to acquire enough skill in silkbinding to stitch your favorite hunting tools.

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