The publisher and developer of the popular MMORPG Lineage W is one step closer to a stock market listing as NCsoft recently released their fourth quarter financials. While Guild Wars 2 did well, Lineage saw record breaking revenue numbers thanks to player growth in China and Japan.

The “ncsoft investor relations” is a website that has financial information about NCsoft. The company’s Q4 2021 financials show that Guild Wars 2 did great, but Lineage W drove revenues.

NCsoft Q4 2021 financials: Guild Wars 2 did great, but Lineage W drove revenues


If you’re wondering why NCsoft released a slew of teasers for its pipeline and NFT nonsense yesterday, it’s because it was also releasing its quarterly financial report, which may be good or terrible depending on whether you’re a PC, MMO, or mobile enthusiast.

Overall, sales for the firm increased greatly in Q4 2021 when compared to Q3 2021 and Q4 2020, despite a major drop in operating profit for the year. The mobile side of the company, notably Lineage W, accounts for the bulk of that positive revenue. Classic Lineage, which was once the king of NCsoft’s financials, has seen a significant drop in revenues, with sales down 58 percent compared to the same quarter last year, probably because the Lineage mobile games draw from the same pool of players. Blade and Soul has likewise seen a severe drop in income, but Lineage 2 has remained stable. And, despite the fact that Aion’s quarterly statistics decreased during the year, the revival of the Aion Classic resulted in a net rise compared to 2019 and 2020.

Indeed, Guild Wars 2 was the PC game that continuously grew income throughout the year, ending the year with a 49 percent rise in revenue compared to Q4 2021, but it is still dominated by the mobile side. That’s very certainly because to the upcoming End of Dragons and its betas, but beyond from that, we mostly saw promotional marketing stuff from the game until 2021.

Project The Lineage is set to appear this year (yeah, they’ve stated it before), along with the worldwide launch of Lineage W, which should help boost the pipeline. NCsoft’s stock has plummeted since last year, therefore the business has decided to join the NFT craze, but officials claim that the implementation will be for gamers rather than investors, and that it would not indulge in play-to-earn nonsense.


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