The New World of Warcraft has been recently released, and the new expansion is available to download on a lot of servers. This should be an easier transition for players who were interested in playing but couldn’t get into the game yet.

New World cleans up bugs, preps South American server merges


While one portion of Amazon Games is working on the Ark of the Covenant headstart, another is working on the February update for New World. However, yesterday’s patch was not like that. Servers were taken down at 2:00 p.m. EST yesterday afternoon for a short patch that addressed a variety of problems, including item upgrades, mutator dungeon unlocks, PvP movement speed, passives, DOTs, and the war roster.

Amazon has started a new weekly thread for gamers to report issues and get updates. The glitch with the Valentine’s Day cash-shop products hasn’t been addressed yet, since those things haven’t been added back to the game.

In other New World news, this evening will see a round of merges for South American participants.

Devaloka will be formed through the merger of Ekur and Lanka. Irkalla will be formed through the merger of Albur, Kitezh, and Atlantis. Apsu will be formed through the merger of Anu and Modun.

End-game repairs and weapon enhancements are included in this week’s patch.

Here are the whole notes! REEteX5NOT ( (

We will be holding downtime today at 11:00 PM PT [2 AM ET/8 AM CET] for approximately 2 hours for this update.

— New World (@playnewworld) February 10, 2022


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