The latest expansion to the popular MMORPG game is mainly focused on building new content and mechanics while trying not to break old ones. The developers are pushing hard for player immersion with a goal of creating an “emotional experience” that will make players forget they aren’t actually in the world.

The “New World’s Heart of Madness” has seen a relatively clean rollout. It is an action-adventure game with horror elements and a focus on exploration, combat, crafting, and survival. Read more in detail here: new world reddit.

New World’s Heart of Madness has seen a relatively clean rollout


New World’s Heart of Madness patch was released to live servers late last evening, as promised. Yes, it’s time to mosey out to Tempest’s Heart with your blunderbuss and tie off the Isabella tale.

“New World’s main-story questline is resolved in Tempest’s Heart, a new end-game expedition, as players chase Isabella back to Shattered Mountain, leading to an epic climactic clash.” Players will enter the Tempest’s Heart by traveling through the warped capital city of Myrkgard into a distorted version of reality, where they will learn the mysteries of Isabella’s history as they delve further into her damaged psyche. The Blunderbuss, a new weapon with exceptional mobility and close-to-mid-range damage, is also introduced in Heart of Madness. Players may advance via two Blunderbuss mastery trees, letting them to choose between Chaos and Containment playstyles. Players may participate in a new Legendary Weapon quest series after obtaining Level 60 and maximum skill level with the Blunderbuss.”

Thankfully, postponing the patch for a day to polish and fix issues seems to have resulted in a reasonably bug-free launch; faults players are reporting as of this morning include malfunctioning storage, faction buyables, cooldown orbs, and iconography, but nothing gamebreaking.


The “New World’s Heart of Madness has seen a relatively clean rollout.” Reference: rock paper shotgun.

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