No Place Like Home is an atmospheric horror game that tells a story of loss and recovery, through minutes-long glimpses into the protagonist’s memories. Players take on the role of a returning survivor who must escape from their personal hell.

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No Place Like Home Review

No Place Like House offers a home for you if you’re seeking for a cartoon-style farming game that appeals to your OCD. Earth has been literally devastated in a post-apocalyptic scenario, and you are left to pick up the bits.


You’ll find yourself on an overrun farm with hidden chickens, robots, and surprises after an in-depth tutorial exposing you to the mechanics (most of which center on a rubbish vacuum and drill).

Taking a Trip to Mars


It’s your responsibility to clean up the mess and restore part of what’s left now that the bulk of mankind has relocated to Mars. There are a few people left, but getting there will require vacuuming up a lot of junk.

There’s Nothing Like Home Mechanics

This agricultural simulator, inspired by famous games like Harvest Moon, enables you to recycle, construct, create, cook, and produce a variety of crops in order to live.


Your first chore is to clean your farm and recycle what you can, using a vacuum that can suck up rubbish and water. When you come across hens hiding amid the wreckage, you’ll need to feed them, befriend them, and provide them a safe spot to call home.

While management is important in No Place Like Home, you’ll also come across NPCs that have tasks for you, Cubots who can help you out, and robots who want to murder you.


From treasure boxes to seeds, plans to furnishings, No Place Like Home has a lot to offer. Design and manage your farm in flair, all while learning new improvements that make your life a little simpler.

Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash

If you, like me, suffer from OCD, you may find No Place Like Home a bit daunting. When you initially arrive to your farm, you’ll see that it’s entirely overrun with debris and rubble, which you must remove.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t on a mission to clean every last shred, I couldn’t help but go into every nook and crevice to make sure there was nothing left to intrude on my property. I uncovered secret waterfalls, doors, and sewers, which took about an hour to accomplish.

The ultimate effect was pleasant, although it was a touch over the top.

An Early Access Title Called “No Place Like Home”

Despite the fact that No Place Like Home is currently in early access, I didn’t find any issues. The game’s gameplay is restricted, and I couldn’t picture playing it for hundreds of hours, but it’s a peaceful alternative that I can simply dip in and out of.

If you’re looking for a charming farming simulator, No Place Like Home is the game for you. It’s not too complex, and it includes new elements not seen in previous games like My Time at Portia.

Review of No Place Like Home

Review of No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home is the name of the game.

A calm farming simulator with an RPG twist, unique gameplay, and mountains of garbage to dig through for riches.

My Time At Portia and Harvest Moon are among the games that inspired No Place Like Home. Many of the famous farming sim concepts, such as time management, crops, and recipes, are still there, but there are plenty of new ones to keep you coming back for more.

Unboxed Opinions

The Good
  • Cleaning up rubbish is a pleasurable experience.
  • There are several recipes to be discovered.
  • Blueprints provide you more choices when it comes to creating.
  • There are upgrades available.
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • It might be difficult to clean up so much rubbish.
  • NPCs and interactivity are limited.

6.9 3.4375 5 3.4375 5 3.4375 5 3.4375 5

Unboxed Opinions Score

The “No Place Like Home Review” is a game that was released on Xbox One. The game is an indie title that has been praised for its deep and emotional story. Reference: no place like home xbox one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is no place like home game?

A: No Place Like Home is a song by Rick Astley. It was released on his album 50 in 2000, and it reached the top five of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and number one in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

How do you save in no place like home?

A: No Place Like Home is a point and click adventure game in which you play as the titular, young girl who has recently been brought back to Earth by her father. Her goal for this new life? To figure out how she died on Mars years ago.

How do you tame a robot in no place like home?

A: You need to follow the following steps. First, you must get a Prismatic Module and then place it in your backpack. Next, you need to find either an orange or yellow module that has a button on its surface (this is most likely one of the modules with which you started). Once found, press the button near where there is currently no button until your robot starts making noises like its choking/crying out. It should take about 20 minutes for this process if done correctly but keep in mind not all robots will be available at every station so check back often!

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