The 2018 League of Legends World Championships have just ended, and for KT Rolster the RedForce victory was the icing on a cake that had already been sliding down their throats.

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Nongshim RedForce astonished DWG KIA, KT Rolster swept HLE


Dread’s amazing performance in the first series of Week 3 in LCK helped Nongshim RedForce beat DWG KIA. Ghost, a former world champion who joined NS before of the season after being labeled the weak link on his previous squad, had a spectacular start to the 2022 Spring Split as well. He seemed to be in good enough shape for NS to defeat three-time LCK champion DWG KIA.

Week 2 Day 1 Results of the LCK 2022 Spring Split

  • Damwon KIA — Nongshim RedForce 2
  • KT Rolster 0 — 2 Hanwha Life Esports

The last champion was squeezed by Nongshim RedForce.

Game 1

Before NS startled them in game 1 by overwhelming DWG, fans did not anticipate the opening series of Week 3 to be action-packed. Nongshim used Canna’s ability to demolish his opponent to put Hoya, the newest member of the opposing team, under pressure in top lane.

NS won skirmishes lead by Dread, despite DWG picking up neutral objectives early in the game. As Canna found a trouble-free kill over Hoya, they chased out DWG players one by one in various parts of the Summoner’s Rift. At the 38. minute mark, NS ended game 1 by easily winning the Baron battle.

Game 2 – Damwon felt compelled to play.

In game 2, DWG replied quickly to NS, despite the fact that the game was practically out of their grasp. Victor was chosen by Bdd to employ his area control abilities, which prevented DWG from fighting easily in the previous match. NS scored eight kills in the mid-late game, but DWG had the global gold advantage. 

After defeating Nashor at 35 minutes, Showmaker increased his map pressure with Twisted Fate. Instead of Hoya, Burdol was laboring in the top lane this time, and he was far from his best. In another forty-minute encounter, Aphelios shone at the hands of deokdam, resulting in a DWG triumph.

Game 3 – Dread puts in another another dominating effort.

NS opened the early game in the last match of this heated series by amassing kills in top and bot. Canna demonstrated why no team in the league should allow him to play on the winning team. He not only destroyed Burdol in one-on-one battles, but he also allowed NS to move about in team fights. Dread also had complete control over the game, making critical macro choices throughout the series.

The Korean shot caller, 21, was always in the right position at the right time, and his connection with Peter looked good in the coming weeks. At the 39. minute mark, NS put forth an additional effort in the crucial match, securing the mountain soul that may be valuable to Poppy and destroying the opposing nexus.

On Friday, November 21, NS will face kt Rolster. On Saturday, the incumbent champion DWG will look on finishing the week with a victory against BRO. LCK’s official Twitch channel will be broadcasting all of the action.


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