Osiris New Dawn will be releasing a major new update in 2022, which is set to include a revamped UI and the release of the game’s final expansion pack. Despite some obvious changes like these, there are still many “unknowns” that may shake things up for players who have been around since its launch back in 2014.

Osiris New Dawn overhauls UI, plans new release cadence for 2022. Osiris New Dawn is a gaming company that has been in the industry for over 20 years and is known for their quality games and services. They will be releasing a new game every year from now on with the exception of 2021 which they are boycotting Activision because they felt they were not getting enough support. Read more in detail here: boycott activision 2021.

Osiris New Dawn overhauls UI, plans new release cadence for 2022


Despite the fact that we haven’t seen Osiris New Dawn in months, the 2016 early access survivalbox is still in beta. Fenix Fire Entertainment recently released a patch that completely overhauled the game’s user interface as part of a quality-of-life push on the game’s experimental test branch.

“Greetings, adventurers!” “Returning from the holidays gave us new eyes on the UI, and for this release, we focused heavily on upgrading the UI and HUD throughout the game,” the developers stated last week. “What is the most apparent distinction?” Everything is now CENTERED rather than on the right side of the screen, and menus have been expanded to fill the whole screen. The Interact HUD was also targeted. Options that are no longer active have been faded out. The title and information for the interaction are now in the middle.” There are new trackers and rewards for stats, vitals, inventory, and crafting objectives, as well as your map-menu filters and vehicles.

In terms of objectives, the studio outlined its ambitions for 2022 in a January blog post, promising additional AI iteration, narrative material, and a new biweekly release cadence with bigger versions mixed with smaller bits. On Trello, there’s a roadmap with all the specifics.

It’s time for a new Experimental Build, and it’s a huge one! https://t.co/gKS64iZtW1

— Osiris: New Dawn (@OsirisNewDawn) January 28, 2022


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