In a blog post, the team at Pantheon outlined their progress for the pre-alpha launch and what they have planned before alpha.


The August producer letter from Pantheon came this week with some excellent news for game fans: Visionary Realms has recruited a new associate content developer from the community, and the game is still riding strong after the pre-alpha session earlier this month.

Pantheon’s Chris Perkins and Ben Dean remark, “It was 33 hours of testing and it was wonderful.” The Monk, the trait system, new NPC abilities, the diminishing returns system, enemy, AI, and many new caster spells were all available to players. Since then, the team has patched in an early Ranger build, portions of Wild’s End, trapmaker AI, new VFX, improved assets, and foundations for jumping, charging, and frozen state.

The team wants the Monk fully implemented, as well as work on guilds, pets, asset streaming, the perception system, banks, acclimation, gathering and crafting, climbing… The list of things still on the to-do list before a real sense of alpha is significantly longer; the team wants the Monk fully implemented, plus work on guilds, pets, asset streaming, the perception system, banks, acclimation, gathering and crafting, climbing… It’s a lot, but luckily, part of it has already passed the design stage. Its intentions for the pet courses have also changed:

“We previously said that we will complete the Ranger and Summoner classes before moving on to the HDRP and Networking phases of development. We did this because we wanted to complete the most difficult Class systems first so that we could use them to build up NPC combat, encounter designs, and other features (Basically, we wanted to incorporate the ranged combat system and Pets into our NPC designs). While we were working on the ranged combat system, we recognized that the Pet system (and, by implication, the Beckoning system for Rangers) would be too reliant on the networking revamp to be viable. As a result, we’ve chosen to put the Ranger and Summoner on hold until the new Network stack is in place. There’s good news and terrible news here. It’s terrible news for those who were looking forward to the Ranger and Summoner – it means you’ll have to wait a little longer. But there’s also some great news on two fronts: we’ve officially entered the Terrain Streaming/HDRP/Networking stage of development. All of our progress in developing our ability system and tools has now allowed us to bring the Cleric, Paladin, and Warrior online. You can expect to see updates on those Classes in the near future, including the order in which we plan to finish them.”


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