The game is set in the world of Dokev, where you play as one of the Dokev, a group of ancient beings that were wiped out by the humans. You must travel to the other side of the world, where the last of the Dokev are trying to rebuild their civilization.

Just in time for the launch of DokeV, Pearl Abyss has released more information on the creatures, setting, and gameplay.

You’ve played JRPGs for years, enjoyed them, and you’ve probably watched the JRPG genre rise in popularity over the past few years. And you’ve probably noticed that most JRPGs these days are being developed by companies in Japan. But you haven’t noticed that most of the games being developed within Japan are being developed by small teams of mostly one person. A recent example of this is Pearl Abyss’s upcoming game, DOKKEN. DOKKEN is being developed by the team of only one person, who is an artist by day. So, what can you expect from DOKKEN?


Let’s suppose that your dissatisfaction with DokeV’s transition from MMO to open world action adventure hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm for the game. Then you’ll be pleased to hear that Pearl Abyss has been making the rounds in South Korea’s gaming press, providing a few more details about the forthcoming game.

Capturing Dokebi, the cute tiny creatures in the game’s universe, is one of the game’s main attractions. Capturing Dokebi, according to the developers, is really rescuing them since they are formed in people’s dreams and are born when unfulfilled wishes or ideas materialize in reality (so, you know, video game logic). While we’re on the topic of Dokebi, they’re AI-controlled except when they team up with players to perform special moves, and Dokebi may be switched out in the middle of a battle to gain an edge. Dokebi will have their own tales and levels of capture difficulty.

The game’s setting is a future in which a corporation named Company (yes, really) has created robots to help humans with their everyday tasks. Players discover that Company is utilizing Dokebi to manufacture the AI chips for these robots, leading them to go on a quest to rescue them. The game world is divided into two towns, with the region seen in the current gameplay video allegedly accounting for a tenth of the total global size.

Obviously, DokeV is currently under active development, and there is no set release date for the game. However, when it does come, it will only be for PC and consoles, not mobile. Crossplay, on the other hand, is yet to be determined.


Pearl Abyss has just released a handful of new details about the creatures, setting, and gameplay of DOKE, its upcoming MMO action game. The game’s creatures are based on real-life animals, with real-world behaviors, but have been redesigned to fit into the MMO genre. There are eight races, with different types of features and abilities, and players will be able to customize the look of their characters. The monsters and environment designs will also be based on real-life animals and features. And, as always, the world and stories will be set in a fictional environment and feature fictional characters and events.. Read more about dokev gameplay and let us know what you think.

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