In Pokemon Legends, Arceus is a legendary Pokémon whose signature move is Judgment. It can judge whether the current battle is worth fighting or not and choose to leave if it’s not. In order for players to get an MP this game mode requires you have reached level 33!

The “pokemon legends arceus merit points farming” is a guide that will help players who are looking to get MP in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus | How to Get MP – Guide Fall

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the much-needed breath of new air for the Pokemon series. Its open world adventure and innovative interpretations on Pokemon habits are proving to be a hit among fans across the globe. It also offers a few of new mechanics. The MP system is one of the new features of this iteration. In our tutorial below, we’ll explain what it is and how to get it.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, here’s how to get MP.

pokemon_legends_arceus_how_to_get_mp-640x360In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, here's how to get MP.

Merit Points are known as MP in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. You get MP by finding lost satchels that are dotted all around the regions of the game map. In order to see the satchel locations, you’ll need to open the menu by pressing Up on your D-Pad. Use ZR to move over to the Communications tab on the menu, then select Lost & Found.

After opening the Lost & Found, you will see a list of Others’ Lost Satchels, as well as your own, which you can see by pressing R to move the list selection over. The list will describe who the Lost Satchel belongs to as well as a clue to what it contains. Additionally, info also describes where it can be found and how much MP will be rewarded for finding it.

Upon arriving in the region where the Satchel is located, open your map and you will see white icons that look like messenger bags. These are the locations of the Lost Satchels. When reaching these locations, they can be seen on the ground as a brown, clasped bag. After grabbing it, go back to the Lost & Found menu and select the Satchel you found. Once doing this, you will receive the listed MP reward for the Lost Satchel.

Merit Points may be traded at Simona’s Kisok, located outside the village’s Training Grounds, in Jubilife Village. Select “I want to acquire stuff” while interacting with her, and she will offer a variety of products for sale in return for Merit Points. Prepare to collect a large number of satchels, since her things are not only pricey, but also uncommon and strong, which will come in useful later in the game.

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