Project X is a mobile ‘social sandbox MMO’ full of resource gathering and house building in closed beta. The game has been designed to be accessible to all players, regardless of their skill level or experience with games like Minecraft.

The mmorpg meaning is a game that has been released in closed beta. It is a mobile game where the player can build houses, gather resources, and engage in PvP with other players.


Because the term Project X has a little of history attached to it, some background information is required. Back in 2018, we got a peek at Project X, a tactical shooter MMO being created for SpatialOS by UK company Automaton Games; the shooter was subsequently renamed Mavericks: Proving Grounds, and the studio went bankrupt in 2019, thus ending development.

That brings us to Project X, a new game tentatively named, and if you visit that link, you’ll notice a total change in tone from the previous title’s history: It’s a social sandbox MMO by Dazzle Rocks that revolves on people getting together to hang out, collect resources, and construct their own beautiful fantasy houses.

“There’s already a lot you can do on the islands with basic harvesting, building, and play tools to construct your own ideal house and start influencing the environment around you. We aim to allow more deeper experiences around constructing and creating fun interactive or beautiful places for you to live, hang out, and play as development continues. Imagine building your own mini-games, obstacle courses, and other entertaining experiences.”

According to the studio’s Reddit post, Project X is being developed for mobile first, with a release planned for Android and Apple devices. The game’s revenue strategy hasn’t been determined yet, according to a response to the same Reddit post, but it will be “mostly free to play in general.” Project X is presently in a closed beta, which interested players may sign up for on the website. The game also has an official Discord server and a growing subreddit.


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