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Welcome to the Ranch Simulator Cooking & Recipes Guide! This guide is going to help you in making money via selling your wares in the Ranch Simulator. In order to sell your wares in this game you will need a Ranch Shop so here is a list of the Ranch Shop where you can sell your wares.

Ranch Simulator is a game that provides you the opportunity to simulate life of a rancher.  This game gives you several options that are necessary in ranching life.  You can do things like planting crops, farming, manufacturing, selling products for profit, and many other business related tasks.  No matter what you choose in this game, you will always get the results that you expect.

The April update to Ranch Sim included meat and dairy production. This gave the game a whole new dimension, enabling Ranch Simulator cooks to develop new recipes.

One of the most profitable methods to earn money in Ranch Sim is to cook and sell recipes. If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s a lucrative turnaround.

In Ranch Sim, How to Use the Meat Grinder

You can grind meat using the Meat Grinder in Ranch Simulator. Pork (pigs), poultry (chickens), and beef (beef) are all options (cows).

Place the meat in the Meat Grinder by pressing E after removing it from your cooler box or wherever you keep it. After the meat has been ground, press E to remove the finished product from the pan.

Note: In Ranch Simulator, wild meat such as deer or bear cannot be used to produce ground meat.

hanging raw meatballs to dry in ranch simulator

In your drying chamber, place your meatball. It won’t take long for it to dry. In Ranch Simulator, you can sell raw meat, although it’s worth less than cooked meat.

In Ranch Sim, How to Use the Sausage Stuffer

Select the meat you wish to use to create sausages. Pork, chicken, or beef may all be used. This time, grind the meat in the Meat Grinder, but instead of hitting E to remove the result from the pan, press right-click to take the pan with you.

To put the meat into the Sausage Stuffer, go to the Sausage Stuffer and click E.

ranch sim hanging sausages

After the procedure is complete, you may pick up your uncooked sausages and hang them in the Ranch Simulator drying chamber.

Recipes for Ranch Simulator Sausage

In Ranch Sim, you can sell raw or dry sausages, but you can also use them to make other dishes. Meatballs are less expensive than boiling sausages, but dry sausages are more expensive.

If you have the time, I recommend selling dried sausages; the procedure is more time-consuming, but it pays off in the long run.

Sausages boiled

A bucket of water and a pan are required. Pick up your bucket of water and pour it into the pan on the stovetop or in the cooker.

Pick up your uncooked sausages and put them in the pan by pressing E. Select E once more to begin the cooking process; the sausage will be cooked once the percentage reaches 100%.

Boiling sausages do not need to be placed in the drying chamber; instead, place them in your cooler box.

Sausages à l’Oeuf

Place the meat in the Meat Grinder, but this time add an egg once the pan is filled. By pressing E, you may pick up an egg, go over to the ground beef pot, and then press E to add the egg.

ranch simulator how to use meat grinder with an egg

Pick up the ground meat and egg in the saucepan and place it in the Sausage Stuffer.

The uncooked sausage may be cooked in a pan of boiling water or hung to dry. In Ranch Simulator, adding an egg to your sausage preparation raises the value by $10 when sold.

Recipes for Ranch Simulator Cheese

If you’re not sure how to make cheese in Ranch Sim, check out our tutorial, which will walk you through the whole procedure.

Take your can of milk to a saucepan on the stove and press E to pour the milk into the pan when you’re ready. To begin cooking, press E, then wait for the percentage to reach 100%.

ranch sim matured cheese process

Remove the cheese from the refrigerator and put it on the cheese racks to dry. After the cheese has cured, you may sell it in the General Store for a profit.

White Cheddar

When you’re heating the milk this time, press E to add White Mold (Cows Milk) to the pot. You’ll get 5 pieces from each mold set.

The General Store charges $125 for White Mold. Making cheese with white mold will fetch a higher price than selling cheese alone. Following that, you may enhance your profit by adding an egg to the mix.

Cheese that is blue in color

The method of making Blue Cheese is quite similar to that of making White Cheese. This time, instead of White Mold, you’ll use Blue Mold in the milk pan.

Blue Mold may be bought for $230 in the General Store. $315 will be charged for cheese produced using Blue Mold and an egg.

Eggs with Cheese

If you don’t want your curd to have any mold, just add one egg throughout the cooking phase. When eggs are added to a cheese preparation in Ranch Simulator, the price of the cheese increases to $70 per egg.

In Ranch Simulator, how much does meat and dairy sell for?

Now that we know how to make the various Ranch Simulator recipes, it’s time to figure out how much they’re worth.

While cooking in Ranch Sim takes a long time, it is well worth the effort if you want to earn money quickly.

  • $15 for wild meat
  • Cheese costs $60.
  • $70 for cheese (egg).
  • White Mold Cheese – $140
  • $175 for Blue Mold Cheese
  • $45 Pork Sausage (Boiled)
  • $55 Pork Sausage (Egg, Boiled)
  • Salami (pork sausage) – $60
  • $70 Pork Sausage (Egg, Salami)
  • $56 for a chicken sausage (salami).
  • Salami (pork meatballs) – $40
  • $50 Pork Meatball (Egg, Salami)

If you go to the Burger Shop, you’ll see that specials are available every day. For some items, these promotions will contain a price multiplier.

ranch simulator burger shop price multiplier board

You’ll make more money if you sell the goods in the shop!

In Ranch Simulator, how much do cooking items cost?

You’ll notice that specific materials are required to create all of the dishes after reading our Ranch Simulator cooking and recipe guide.

Here’s a brief rundown of the culinary goods available for purchase in Ranch Sim, along with their prices.

  • $66 for the pot
  • Manual Meat Grinder – $99
  • Electric Meat Grinder – $1435
  • Manual Sausage Stuffer – $235
  • Electric Sausage Stuffer – $999
  • $125 for white mold
  • $230 – Blue Mold
  • $135 for a milk can

This is the best cooking game you will ever play. You can cook anything in it. You can even cook rare steak. You can cook hundreds of dishes in it. You can sell them too. You can even make money with it. But make sure to save the money, the ranch is important.. Read more about ranch simulator stunner and let us know what you think.

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