Resident Evil Village Leader of the Pack Trophy Guide – Guide Fall The Resident Evil Village Leader of the Pack trophy is a really fun and useful bunny that gives you permanent bunny ears and various other goodies, as well as a super high jump, a fast run, the ability to perform a double jump, and immunity to all enemy attacks. It is, however, unfortunately very difficult to obtain, and that’s why we’re here to help.

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To obtain the Resident Evil Village trophy or the Packmaster achievement, the player must kill Vârcolac Alfa in the story. For this, you will receive a bronze trophy on PlayStation or 15 Gamerscore on Xbox. You also earn challenge points in the game, which you can exchange for new weapons in the store for bonus content. This guide will tell you where to find Vârcolac Alfa, when it occurs, and how to effectively eliminate it.

How do I get the Packmaster trophy in Resident Evil Village

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Where and when do I get Vârcolac Alfa

Vârcolac Alfa is exactly what it sounds like. It is a larger and stronger warcrawler, with more health and attack power. This giant albino werewolf works the same way as his little brothers, but he has more clout. Alpha can be found in the wheat fields near Louise’s house, but not from the beginning. He will only appear after you defeat Salvatore Moro and recover the three pieces of the Rose, so don’t waste time looking for the Alpha too soon. However, be careful and don’t wait too long: Once you enter the Heisenberg factory, you’ll have the chance to fight this creature.

How to kill a Vârcolac Alfa

To easily kill a Vârcolac Alfa, a little preparation is required. Stock up on mines, magnum and buckshot ammo and try to keep a grenade launcher handy. Put mines outside the field before you enter it, because if you enter it, you’ll get a boss fight. The plan is to lure Alpha onto your mines to stun them, then open fire with various weapons. When the trap is set, go to the wheat fields to find Alpha. Make sure there are no large stalks sticking out of the wheat. These spears come out of her back, and that’s probably all you can see of Alpha, since she’s hidden among the grain. Try not to get too close, but warn him he’s chasing you. As soon as you hear it, run. When he has laid the mines, fire the pistol and shotgun with as many bullets as possible. The explosion stuns him for a few seconds and allows you to do a lot of damage. Make sure you back up when you shoot so he doesn’t have time to get to you. Once he starts moving, switch to the grenade launcher and try to dodge his charges. After each successful evasion, Alpha will stop for a second so you can quickly throw a grenade. Try to stay off the field as much as possible, as you can easily lose sight of the Beast in the Wheat and you want to be able to easily dodge his attacks. Be persistent in your dodging and attacks, and you will eventually inflict enough damage to destroy the beast and unlock the well-deserved pack leader achievement/trophy. He also drops an old beast crystal, a treasure that can be sold to Duke for as much as 80,000 lei. Want to unlock more trophies or achievements in Resident Evil Village?

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