RuneScape has brought back its popular Spring Festival which sees players receive a series of gifts and rewards in celebration. With this, RuneScape have also improved their Elder God Wars content as well as adding eggs to Treasure Hunter.

The “surplus spring supplies rs3” is a new update to RuneScape that brings back the Spring Festival, with rewards in the form of eggs. The update also includes tweaks to Elder God Wars content.

RuneScape brings back its Spring Festival, puts eggscellent rewards into Treasure Hunter, tweaks Elder God Wars content


I swear, that’s the only egg joke I’ll make this month, but Easter egg-themed prizes are just one part of the entire weekly update for RuneScape, which also includes a return of the spring season event and another weekly patch full of tweaks.

Players may gain XP and event money at one of three skilling stations, wipe out a large butterfly (made of tiny butterflies, obviously), and spend earned cash on items like past event prizes, a new title, consumables, and a mystery egg between now and Sunday, April 24th.

From April 14th through April 20th, Treasure Hunter will be celebrating Easter with the Peep the Chick pet, Woodland Fox Ears and Tail cosmetics, and the Egg Smasher gear that can be acquired by opening lockboxes.

Finally, this week’s patch brings a number of changes to Elder God Wars, including an extended grace period for completing the Master Cape quest, enhanced quest advice for certain places, and death protection for some goods, among other things. The patch notes and other event information may be found in the newsletter’s appropriate sections.


The “crux eqal outfit rs3” is a piece of clothing that many RuneScape players have been waiting for. The new update also includes tweaks to the Elder God Wars content and other updates.

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