Sea of Thieves is a good example of how the future isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Rumor has it that there will be an expansion to the game which includes new features, but these are just rumors for now. The latest update released fixes many bugs found in the game’s launch, making it more enjoyable for players and giving developers some breathing room with updates ahead.

The “sea of thieves update today” is a game that has been out for a while now. The developers have recently released general improvements and a dangerous fog portending its next adventure.

Sea of Thieves adds general improvements and a dangerous fog portending its next adventure


Flameheart’s impact isn’t visible in Sea of Thieves, but that’s only because there’s a brand-new threat on the horizon. Actually, it’s a hazy one. According to the game’s newest patch notes, one has taken over the Golden Sands Outpost and afflicted it with some strange malevolence.

Those who have been following the game’s latest roadmap for 2022 will recognize this as part of the game’s first new limited-time adventure, Shrouded Islands, which will take place between February 17th and March 3rd and will transport players to the Golden Sands to discover what’s going on.

Meanwhile, the latest patch has ended the Ghost Fleet world event, added some new items to the Pirate Emporium, and added a slew of gameplay enhancements such as shop filters, making it easier to select sea shanties while holding an instrument, stormy seas that now affect steering, and a new accessibility feature that adds new sound effects that play when a ship’s wheel moves a quarter turn. Rare has also published a new bulletin video that highlights upcoming events and community highlights; we’ve got it below the break.

Call your crew! It’s time to vote on your next Voyage, set off to collect Commendations or simply drop sails and see where the wind takes you because the Sea of Thieves servers are back online and ready for your aquatic antics, after an update download that is!

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) February 10, 2022


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