The biggest gaming hashtag of 2018 is #SeaOfThieves, a game that’s been in the works since 2013. However, you may not know that the game has actually been in development for a long time. The concept for Sea of Thieves has been floating around for years, so it’s no wonder that it’s not exactly a new idea.

Piracy has always been a big part in the gaming world, since the days of the likes of N64, PS1, XBox and PC. However, recently, and with the advent of the Xbox One and now the Xbox One X, more and more people are turning to piracy. This is mainly due to the fact that it is easier than ever to get pirated games, but it is also down to the fact that the price of the games are high. There is a way to play those games for free, and that’s through the use of a Key.

The Sea of Thieves Silver Blade Key is a unique item obtained by finding treasure chests on the Sea of Thieves. The key will allow you to change the color of your Pirate’s clothes and it does not require any particular level of expertise to obtain – you can find plenty of them lying around on the open seas.

Sea of Thieves Season 3 has arrived with a huge amount of new content for Rare’s flagship multiplayer adventure game. This content includes the new Tall Tales – narrative quests given by NPCs across the map. In one of these stories, The Sunken Pearl, you must lift the water and retrieve the key to the silver blade. Here’s how.

How to get the silver blade key in Sea of Thieves

Five stories in the quest Pirates of the Caribbean-introduces many new locations, battles and settings. One particular mystery in the second story, The Sunken Pearl, has been a real mystery to many. To do this, the water level in the cave system must be high enough for the key to be extracted from the silver leaf.

To do this, first enter the cave and look for the drawing on the cave wall that should show four statues, each in a unique position. The goal is for the four real statues to represent the positions of this model. To change the position of the statues, just shoot them. Every time you hit one of the statues, its position changes. So start with the leftmost statue and move to the right until all four statues match the wall pattern.

When the statues are in place, look up at the ceiling of the cave and you will see an opening. Shoot here, and if you hit the bull’s eye, the cave will catch fire. This will raise the water level and allow you to take the key to the silver blade and continue the story.

Want to know more about Sea of Thieves? See our other instructions:In game, the Silver Blade Key is a powerful item that can be found in chests throughout the game. However, it is also rather rare. As a result, you may want to use a Silver Key Keyfinder to scan the ocean floor for clues about where one might find one.. Read more about sea of thieves silver blade journals and let us know what you think.

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