Soulforged is an action-intensive browser based multiplayer RPG. Players are tasked with managing their limited number of Action Points, which represents their stamina, how fast they can attack in combat and their vitality to survive the harshness of a mysterious world full of dangers. Through life or death battles players will have to be constantly on the lookout for resources that sustain them so as not to die from starvation or thirst amidst unforgiving terrain.

Soulforged is a browser-based multiplayer RPG that is an action point management game. You are able to choose from four different classes, each with their own unique skills and attributes. The game has a survival mode where you must fight for your life against waves of enemies. Read more in detail here: blizzard.

Soulforged is a minimalist browser-based multiplayer RPG about managing action points and survival


There are all kinds of surprises in this type of movie. In Soulforged, for example, you play as a character in a multiplayer RPG that drops you into a simple but brutal world where you must scavenge for resources and learn how to survive. Every action drains a pool of points that replenish over time, so you have to think carefully about what you want to do before you act.

It was made by Arek Bisaga, a single person who worked on the game for a long time. Bisaga says Soulforged is a “passion project” that aims to make a “compelling and persistent fantasy world” with meaningful choices and interactions, “exploration, discovery, and epic stories.” Players can be alchemists, fighters, or cooks, and there are many ways for them to help each other, especially since the game starts with your character almost completely unarmed, ill, and sad, which is a huge negative in this game.

So I tried Soulforged for a few minutes. It’s very simple and the game isn’t very guided. I had to figure out how to make tools and items through experimentation and think about my surroundings in a logical way, which reminded me of survivalbox games I’ve played before. The UI is a little hard to work with, but it’s not impossible. The game is very much like a roguelike, so expect to learn a lot by failing a lot.

The action point system would be the biggest flaw, because it doesn’t work well with how most people play MMOs. I used up all of my AP too quickly, even though I wanted to keep playing. According to the only person who worked on Soulforged, there won’t be any AP boosts for sale. In fact, the game says there will be no sales or monetization of any kind. If you want to support the dev through Patreon, you can pay $1.50 a month. You get no mechanical benefits, but you can skip the login queue.

The game is free to play and can be played in almost any browser. For people who want to check it out, it only takes a few seconds and a link to a Google account to start the game. Just be ready to move slowly.


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Soulforged is a browser-based multiplayer RPG that allows players to manage action points and survival. The game has been cancelled by Blizzard, but the developers are still working on it. Reference: blizzard cancelled games.

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