I’ve been looking forward to the release of these two games for a long time and I’m still excited about them. But it’s not just Star Citizen that has me scouring CIG forums, devblogs and interview transcripts; Squadron 42 as well is an upcoming MMORPG from Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) where players explore their own personal narrative while fighting alongside their friends in massive battles against enemy forces.

Squadron 42 is the single player campaign for Star Citizen. It has been delayed multiple times, but CIG confirmed that it will be released in 2018. Read more in detail here: squadron 42.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms


Will Star Citizen ever be released, and will we be too old to ever play it when it does? It’s a cause of constant aggravation for supporters and MMO gamers, as well as a recurring joke in our own comments. We still don’t know the answer to that question, and anybody who does is making it up, but Squadron 42, the standalone spinoff game set to arrive before its MMORPG brother, may have a new timeframe.

The star-studded Squadron 42 was supposed to debut in 2014, but it has missed every deadline since, with Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts stating that it “will be done when it is done.” By the end of the year, Roberts had also said that he would not be demonstrating gameplay for the game in public or discussing release dates until the “home stretch,” likely due to the kerfuffle about the missed windows and roadmaps.

Now it’s 2022, and the company has said in a glossy six-page MCV/Develop spread that the game is still two years away, owing to Roberts’ relocation to Manchester, where CIG is creating a new operational base.

CIG COO Carl Jones adds, “I think we’ll see how long [Roberts] needs to be over.” “But it may take another year or two.” He’s spending more time with the Squadron 42 crew and our other devs, but he won’t be moving over for larger amounts of time until this year. Hopefully, this means we’ll be able to complete Squadron 42 sooner. We want to complete the game as soon as possible, but it will be done when it’s ready.”

According to MCV, the construction of the new Manchester studio, which will employ over 1000 people in five years, indicates that Star Citizen might be ready to debut in 2027. Jones doesn’t say so, but he does predict that “by that time, [CIG] will be managing a very huge MMORPG.”

Jones, incidentally, is asked about the possibility of a “metaverse” with Star Citizen, and you can sense Jones’ polite skepticism in his response as he stresses that CIG isn’t aiming to get sidetracked by fads. “Perhaps one day we’ll have something called a metaverse — we definitely have the ability to develop one – but that’s not our commercial objective.” Right now, our primary emphasis is on delivering Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to the people that helped us get there.”

Finally, Jones addressed the industry’s continuing discrimination issues, claiming that CIG has previously taken steps to increase its diversity in order to better serve its varied audience prior to the latest incidents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What year is it in Star Citizen?

A: The year is the year of _____, in the ___th century.

Is Squadron 42 separate from Star Citizen?

A: Squadron 42 is a single player campaign in the Star Citizen universe.

How long is Star Citizen in development?

A: Star Citizen is currently in development and the final release date is unknown.

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