The festive holiday is one of the most important in the Chinese calendar, and Star Citizen celebrates it with a new set of surprises. There’s also a sale on paints for your ships that you can buy to celebrate. The fun doesn’t stop there though – check out our complete list of Lunar New Year celebrations if you’re looking for more ways to get into the spirit!

The “red envelopes star citizen” is a hidden feature that was released as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations. The red envelopes contain various items for sale, including ship paints and other decorations.

Star Citizen celebrates Lunar New Year with hidden red envelopes and ship paints for sale


The Year of the Monkey is here! In the world of Star Citizen, at least. CIG has brought back an in-game event that sees red envelopes hidden throughout locales in the Stanton system that can be sold to merchants for a chunk of credits to commemorate the in-game 2952 and real-world 2022 Lunar New Year. In case fans want to give CIG some actual money, the game is also offering red and gold ship colors from last year and new ones for this year (red envelopes optional).

The Lunar New Year event is just the beginning of another week of activities, which includes a roadmap update on Wednesday, the next episode of Inside Star Citizen on Thursday, which looks at ship-to-ship refueling among other things, and a video on Friday with Director of Graphics Engineering Ali Brown answering player questions about graphics and graphics technology. In the meanwhile, it’s time to start looking for envelopes.

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Long-time MMORPG fans may recall that Star Citizen was initially Kickstarted in 2012 for nearly $2 million, with a 2014 release date scheduled. It is still in an unfinished but playable alpha as of 2021, after raising over $400 million from players via years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is presently the most crowdfunded video game ever, and it has been met with unwavering support from fans and skepticism from detractors. Squadron 42, a co-developed single-player game, has also been frequently postponed.


The “what is chinese new year” is a holiday celebrated in China and some other Asian countries. It’s the first day of the Chinese calendar, which falls on different dates each year. The Lunar New Year is also known as Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

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