When you play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, you’re helping fund the medical care of a player battling cancer. The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes team is happy to announce that the “Battle for a Cure” challenge is live in the game, and is underway. If you have not yet registered your support for the cause, please do so by visiting the Battle for a Cure site: http://www.battleforseriousillness.org/

LucasArts and BioWare have been generous with their support of gaming communities over the years, sponsoring numerous events that allow players to join forces for charity. Every year, events like charity streams and special tournaments aim to help raise awareness about various causes, and the latest event held by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is no different. Fans across the world have donated money, and the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community has rallied behind a player who is battling cancer. The result is a stream of support that has helped the player on their way, and a community that has rallied together in the face of a horrible disease.

The galaxy far, far away gets a lot of attention on the internet. It’s no wonder; it’s arguably what spawned this whole industry. But what about the players? How do they feel about this galaxy? More importantly, how do they feel about the developers? Such is the question of the day, after we were made aware of a battle that’s going on between two prominent online Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has established itself as one of the best mobile games, but you don’t hear much from its players. Recently, the SWGOH community reported that a young player was battling cancer, which led to a wave of support. The 14-year-old player is referred to as a MINISNOWWALKER, or MINI for short. A member of the MINI guild has asked other guilds, arenas and shard fleets to join the movement to support and honor MINI during this difficult time. A Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes group called Bountyhunnies has started a fundraiser for MINI through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Jude. The original goal was $2,000, but it has been far exceeded and has now passed the $6,000 mark. Donations for this campaign will go directly to the MINI family to help pay for medical expenses related to MINI’s condition.   word-image-4778 word-image-4779 The players also promote the MINI in other ways. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players add MINI to their player ID to help spread the word and show their support. This news also reached some key content creators SWGOH who took the initiative to spread the word and show their support for MINISNOWWALKER.The Galaxy of Heroes community has rallied in support of a galactic hero battling cancer. The player, known as “Tora” has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. By sharing this information with others in the community, it has raised over $9,000 as of early Wednesday morning.. Read more about swgoh pit challenge tier 1 and let us know what you think.

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