This guide will teach you all about Star Wars The Old Republic’s Crew Skills and what they do.  And by crew skills, I mean things like repairing your ship, repairing your guns, repairing your shields, and repairing your companions.  Crew skills are essential to leveling up Crew Skills are also essential to leveling up, because as you level up your crew, they will gain more skills and unlock more abilities for you to use.

The Crew Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic are the skills you need to learn, in order to become a useful member of your Crew. They are the skills that will allow you to dominate the Crew Missions, and become a true team player. Crew skills are about helping your fellow crew members achieve their goals and objectives, while you are doing the same. Crew skills can be used both in a group environment, as well as a solo fashion.

I like Star Wars: The Old Republic. I like it a lot. It’s got a healthy amount of classes, it’s got a healthy amount of weapons, and it’s got a healthy amount of stories and missions. But what have I done with all this time? What are all the things that I can do and how do I get them? Well, you can find out in this guide.

In The Old Republic is a Star Wars game., what most games refer to as vocations are referred to as “Crew Skills.” SWTOR’s crew skills are crucial to the game’s fundamental mechanics, since they allow you to manufacture critical goods using the materials you’ve collected.

swtor crew skills crew skills in swtor

The greatest thing of SWTOR crafting is that you don’t have to interrupt your game to go collect materials for making. This is why you enlisted the help of your team! Your crew will collect resources on your behalf, manufacture the goods themselves, and even execute tasks on your behalf!

SWTOR crew talents are divided into three categories. Crafting Techniques, Gathering Techniques, and Mission Capabilities are the three. Subscribed players get access to three SWTOR crew skill slots, while free-to-play players only have access to two. There is no limit to how many Gathering or Mission skills you can have, however there is a limit to how many SWTOR crafting skills you can have. 

It may seem like having even three slots is insufficient at times, therefore we suggest becoming a subscribing player right away to avoid the agony of playing with just two SWTOR crew skills.

Yes, you are spending money to have a better quality of life in the game, and there is no wrong in that if you have some spare cash. We realize that not everyone wants to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end to make little progress in a video game.

Star Wars The Old Republic Star Wars The Old Republic

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The Three Crew Skill Groups 

the 3 crew skill categories swtor swtor’s three crew skill categories

Crafting Skills

Every resource that you and your crew collect may be utilized to create things using the SWTOR crafting abilities. To make armor, weapons, and other helpful things, you may pick from six distinct crafting abilities. The created goods may all be sold for profit on the Galactic Trade Network. You can only equip one crafting talent in SWTOR, unlike the other categories of crew skills.

Gathering Skills

The four distinct collecting abilities you may acquire will allow you and your crew to gather various resources for crafting purposes when you and your crew go out to explore other worlds. Gathering resources may be sold on the GTN for profit, just as crafting materials can. Fortunately, unlike crafting skills, you can only have two collecting talents equipped at a time. 

Mission Skills

Mission Skills are the third category of SWTOR crew skills. Your friends may use the four missions talents to go out on their own to collect treasure, fulfill tasks, or gather information. It’s important to choose your missions carefully since they may provide you with either light or dark side points. You may equip up to two Mission abilities at once, much like Gathering skills.

The Top 5 SWTOR Crew Skills

From the 14 different crew skills presently available, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most useful SWTOR crew abilities:



One of the most important crafting abilities in SWTOR is synthweaving. The capacity to produce augments, particularly the alacrity and critical augments, is the most valuable feature of this crew talent. Healers and DPS players often need both and will gladly pay a premium for it!

Orange synthweaving armor is a craftable item. 

Synthweaving goes well with Archaeology, a collecting talent, and Trading in the shadows, a mission skill (since it provides the fabrics used to craft Synthweaving items).

Lord Jerren, the Synthweaving trainer, may be found in the Crew Skills sector on the outer ring of the fleet.


Artificers are force-user-friendly craftsmen who can make lightsabers and other force-user-friendly objects. Artifice is one of the most lucrative crew abilities available in SWTOR. You may create dyes and color crystals in SWTOR Artifice to alter the appearance of your gunshot or weapon’s blade, which can earn you a lot of money if you chose to sell them.

Artifice 10,10a 10a,10a,10a,10a,10a,10a,10

The SWTOR Artifice crew skill should be combined with Archaeology and Treasure Hunting, since both supply the crafting ingredients needed for this crew talent.

Acolyte Smythe, the Artifice trainer in SWTOR, may be located in the Crew Skilcrew skills swtorls area on the outer reaches of the Fleet.

111216 Archaeology

Archaeologists develop this talent by collecting a variety of crafting materials, such as Force-Crystals and ancient relics. This crew talent is a popular choice among players since it is very simple to level up.

There are even certain flashpoints with archaeological nodes that may help speed up your group’s journey by offering a handy shortcut!

swtor Archaeology 111216 111216 swtor Archaeology

Archaeology complements the crafts crew’s Synthweaving and Artifice abilities. Officer Hele, the archaeology instructor, may be located on the fleet’s outer ring, in the Crew Skills area.


Bioanalysis is one of the greatest crew talents in SWTOR. You collect animal parts and plant stuff as crafting ingredients as a Bioanalyst. Gathering Biolanalyst resources and building up this crew talent should be a breeze given the abundance of plants and animals you’ll encounter on your trip. All of the materials collected will be sold for a high price on the GTN.

swtor Bioanalysis Bioanalysis swtor

Bioanalysis goes well with Biochem, the crafting crew skill, since Biochem players are the primary consumers of the resources collected by Bioanalysts. Doctor Reggok, the Bioanalyst trainer, may be located in the Crew Skills portion of the fleet’s outer ring.

Underworld Trading 

Simply throw your least valued friend into the underworld’s wicked clutches to get crafting resources, rare textiles, and companion gifts! Players that are unable to create with a trifecta will choose this crew talent.

Underworld Trading is also helpful for collecting materials that may be utilized in different crafts or sold for a large profit. You don’t even have to perform the job yourself; just delegate the dirty task to your least favorite buddy while you relax and enjoy the game.

swtor Underworld Trading  Underworld Trading swtor

Cybertech and Synthweaving are two more crew abilities that compliment this one. Sectoso, the Underworld Trading trainer, can be located in the Fleet’s Carrick Station.

That concludes our beginner’s introduction to Star Wars: The Old Republic crew skills. Have you enjoyed our content? Check out OMGGamer for more information!

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a multiplayer online role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts and Electronic Arts. The game is based on the Star Wars fictional universe. The Old Republic was originally announced at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and was the first MMORPG ever created on a non-Microsoft gaming platform. The game itself is set in the era of the classic Star Wars movies, about 30 years after the Battle of Yavin. Players create a character, choose a race, gender, and class among the Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Trooper and Smuggler, and then choose from one of the five main planets: Corellia, Dromund Kaas, Tat. Read more about swtor best crew skills for money 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn my crew skill in swtor?

You can find your crew skill in the character select screen.

What are the best crew skills in swtor?

The best crew skills in SWTOR are Diplomacy, Underworld Trading, and Archaeology.

What crew skills should a mercenary have?

The best crew skills for a mercenary are those that provide bonuses to your primary weapon, such as the Sharpshooter or Marksman crew skills.

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