This article will show you how to change the layout of the Steam Deck input device without changing its name or registry key. If you are using the Steam Deck input device, you might want to change how it works. You can do this by editing the input device layout.

To get a better understanding of the differences between keyboard and gamepad layouts, this article will compare the main features between both.

So when I was playing around with Steam Deck a few days ago I noticed that it’s controls layout and input device features are completely customizable. The way that works is you define your own layout, and then you can change the configuration of the controls and devices that show up in the app. For example, you can set the controls layout to be more compact, so you can change the way the controls list appears. Or you can do something such as change the way a gamepad device shows up, so it’s not always the default. You can really set up your own custom layout, and then just link it to a game.

Valve has finally revealed its latest hardware project: Steam Deck, a portable device on which you can play Steam games.  A complete manual for controlling the Steam Bridge can be found here.

Fingertipsticks and trackpads

The Steam Deck has both sticks and trackpads. It seems that players can choose one of the modes depending on the game. Because they are placed on either side of the unit, it is possible to play with both hands.

The Steam Deck’s trackpads are 32.5mm square and have haptic feedback. Valve has stated that the Steam Deck has a 55% better latency than the Steam Controller.

Finger-activated keys

The Steam Deck has 4 handle buttons on the back. These buttons are assignable, meaning players can tune and customize the controls on their Steam console. Hopefully the same display will be possible for other orders on Steam Deck.

Key assignment

As with other laptops, there is a D-pad on the left and an ABXY button on the right. The button layout is identical to that of the Xbox controller: Y is at the 12 o’clock position and A is at the 6 o’clock position. X is left and B is right.


The power switch and volume buttons are located on the top. Both sets of triggers can also be found here. The View and Menu buttons are also located at the top of the Steam platform.

Peripheral support

Peripherals are supported via the Steam Deck. Users will be able to connect a keyboard and mouse, headphones and speakers, and external displays; console controllers and third-party controllers will almost certainly be supported as well. In fact, most objects that connect via USB or Bluetooth are supported by the Steam Deck.

Please note that although Bluetooth support is included, a powered USB-C hub or the purchase of a Steam Deck is required to use wired devices.

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