Steam, the online video game service, has now surpassed one concurrent users. Steam’s userbase is currently at approximately 97 million active players each month with over 125 million registered accounts globally. The company recently announced plans to release a number of new games in 2022 that will help meet the need for more users while they develop their own blockchain solution to combat potential scalability issues down the line.

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Steam Kicks Off 2022 With Another Concurrent Users

Steam Kicks Off 2022 With Another Concurrent Users Record

Steam has started 2022 by shattering its previous concurrent user record. On Sunday, January 9, more than 28 million people were online.

Steam’s latest concurrent users record comes only months after it surpassed the 27 million mark in November.

Steam Kicks Off 2022 With Another Concurrent Users Record

According to the website Steam Database, there were 28,230,853 people online on Valve’s marketplace yesterday, with over 8 million in-game at the moment the record was achieved.

Steam’s domination over the PC gaming platform remains, despite opponents such as the Epic Games Store stepping in with their own set of deals and free game offers.

Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad also points out that the storefront has seen steady growth since 2019, especially after the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, which saw people shift to working from home and finding refuge from restrictions in hobbies like video games.

This trend is expected to continue into 2022, and it will be fascinating to observe how the Steam Deck affects numbers, as well as if the Epic Games Store improves its game this year.

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