Subnautica Below Zero isn’t just a follow-up to Subnautica. It’s a whole new game that takes Subnautica’s deep dive into alien seas to uncharted depths.

I loved Subnautica, and you will too. It is a looking like it will take home the Best Game of E3 2017 award. If you are a fan of games like the Minecraft and Terraria series, or even Undertale, then you will probably enjoy Subnautica. The game is a first person underwater adventure game, which lets you build your own base, and explore.

Subnautica is a single-player open-world game that will challenge you to explore the depths of the ocean. With a vibrant world and some mind-bending puzzles, the game will keep you on your toes. The game features four main biomes, each with a unique feel and environment. The game is developed by the same team that created Starbound, and it incorporates many of the same gameplay features.

Strictly speaking, it’s not necessary to play the original Subnautica before diving into the sequel Below Zero, but we recommend doing so anyway. The sequel to the first game sends you on a new adventure through the mysterious ocean world of planet 4546B, where you are immersed in the polar extremes of the planet. Subnauticaas a series is a mix of survival and crafting games, with lots of exploration. And it represents one of the most beautiful and impressive game worlds ever.

Subnautica Below Zero Rated: A beautiful ride in uncharted waters

word-image-15698 Below Zero has a new protagonist and a new storyline, but the gameplay mechanics are largely identical to the first game. Here, our ruthless explorer desperately investigates the death of her sister, who was on an alien ocean world. Unfortunately, access to 4546B is through another crashed escape pod, meaning you have almost nothing to help you search or survive. Fortunately, the pod has a handy 3D printer for making tools, supplies and ingredients, and the planet is a treasure trove of natural resources that the printer can use. Collecting these resources is in fact the main task of Subnautica. Splitting rocks, cutting through lianas, diving to ever greater depths to find more supplies and vehicle parts, and even catching fish and other creatures are essential to staying alive. Your practical scanner is the most important tool for learning what is what. Scanning everything you come across will not only add to the game’s huge database, but also new crafting recipes. The analysis of debris dispersed after an accident leads to more advanced technologies, such as B. Vehicles that can explore to even greater depths Below Zero. Subnauticaand Below Zero work so well and are so distinctive for several important reasons. The first is that it puts natural limits on your search speed. You have to breathe to survive, and for much of the game, getting away from the surface means certain death. There are large oxygen reservoirs and even natural phenomena in the water that can provide a brief supply of air, but there is always a sense of paranoia about being too deep. It’s a challenge, because you want (and often need) to explore the world as thoroughly as possible. There’s a great Metroidvania atmosphere here, where new discoveries allow you to create new technologies that allow you to reach new areas. Instead of Metroid glowing orbs locked in ancient statues guarded by minibosses, you can find much of the progression here simply by scanning, collecting resources, and exploring. In fact, there’s hardly any fighting here. You have access to a small number of weapon-like items (the most important being the survival knife). ButSubnautica is not a game where you kill things except small fish for food and resources. In general, wild animals – even giant leviathans – are just a part of the bigger picture. You work with it and enjoy it, avoid the dangerous and enjoy the pleasant. There are also alien penguins called pinglings, and despite the strange arrangement of their mouths, they are absurdly cute. Unless you’re trying to steal children. Don’t steal from children. That’s just rude. word-image-15699 Apart from the fact that you certainly won’t be flying pretty babies, building a base is a big part of the appeal of Subnautica. Searching abandoned equipment, machines and bases will give you more opportunities to craft. Once you have the basic tools, the possibilities for underwater habitat are almost limitless. You can even build on the ground, and the number of customization options to create your own environment is impressive. Subnautica Below Zero continues the user-friendly gameplay options of the first game. You can play in total survival mode, where thirst, hunger and oxygen are key problems. In free mode, you no longer have to worry about food and water, but you still have to report for oxygen. For those who just want to explore and build, the creative mode allows you to leave the story behind and create whatever you want. It’s also a great way to see all the sights without fear of death. The action inBelow Zero takes place entirely in first person, and can turn from a delightfully zen experience to tense horror in the blink of an eye. The lack of emphasis on combat makes the game more interesting in every way without feeling forced. The variety of fascinating biozones facilitates navigation, and the presence of land is much stronger here than in the original Subnautica. Although Below Zerois still largely underwater, there are some land areas to explore in the Arctic zone that have their own wildlife. The alien world ofSubnautica is fantastic. The water biomes are full of beautiful creatures and scenery, lots of caves and secrets to explore, and excellent lighting. The visual fidelity of the game makes the gameplay exciting and engaging. The overall soundtrack is also impressive. Besides the beautiful spherical score, the ambient effects and creature sounds are phenomenal. On PC, the game has been in early access for over two years. It’s finally been officially released on consoles. Having played on PC, Xbox Series X and Switch, we can say without hesitation that the game is excellent on all platforms, no matter which you choose. While the PC and XSX/PS5 versions are certainly the most impressive ways to experience the game, we were surprised by how good the Switch port is. The original game and Below Zero look and play great on the Switch Lite (and the regular Switch in handheld mode). In Docked TV mode, the drop in resolution is noticeable, but the overall experience remains fluid and visually stunning. The portable version is so good that we’d love to have a cross-save capability, so players can transfer their Xbox/PS5 or PC saves to the Switch and play the same game everywhere (like Ubisoft did with Immortals: Fenyx Rising). Some of the problems from the first game persist in Below Zero. The biggest problem is the glaring lack of a usable world map. Why this problem occurs in both games is a mystery, but it is incredibly irritating. The game is still a bit buggy. You can get bogged down in the architecture, the alignment and placement of basic buildings can be a bit messy at times, and the precision of interacting with floating objects can be maddening. For example, in the case of floating storage boxes, there are three interaction points (one for naming, one for packing, and one for accessing the contents) and given the nature of floating, it can be difficult to quickly access the contents. All objects require dexterity for interaction, which can be an added source of frustration if you’re in a hurry or in a tense situation.

Subnautica Below Zero Review – TheConclusion



  • It looks and sounds good.
  • It’s a great story.
  • Construction of the deep boat and base
  • Multiple game modes to meet the needs of a wide variety of players.


  • Still imperfect in some places.
  • Interacting with objects can be annoyingly tricky.
  • No card.
  • Requires cross-platform storage

Subnautica Below Zero is both a survival and crafting game in the water and an exciting science fiction adventure. While not as impressive as the original, from which it is largely derived, it is still an important journey that deserves a deep dive. [Note: Unknown Worlds has provided a copy of Subnautica:. Below Zero was used for this study].

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