The server is preparing two new raids for the community to enjoy. The first one is called “Vomit”, and it will be available in normal mode for all to enjoy, and easy mode will be available for the normal mode raiders. The second raid is called “Dangerous Grounds”, it will be available in easy mode only.

On Thursday, June 13, Ironkraft will be launching two new Raids on the East Coast. The new raids fall under the easy-mode category, and will be available to everyone. Easy-mode is intended for newer players, or players that are typically not good at raiding.

Ever since the launch of the game, players have been trying their hand at raiding and defeating bosses. The developers have been watching this closely, and today the team behind the game will be hosting a special launch event for players to help them get ready. The two raids that will be available to players tomorrow are much easier than the ones that players currently have. For those who want to test their mettle against these new raids, a special button has been added to the game that will automatically teleport players to the new raids.


Swords of Legends Online is getting a major update tomorrow that should please raiders. Following the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid at the end of July, the Waves in a Tempest and Horror of Huaixiu raids are now available in the patch notes.

  • Waves in a Tempest is located in the Shanghuai Grassland and is intended for parties of 10-20 players with an item level of 50 in easy mode and 60 in regular mode.
  • In Huaixiu Village, you’ll find Horror of Huaixiu, which is designed for parties of 10-20 people and follows the same item level guidelines for both easy and regular levels.

Weekly bounties, boss fights, weekly parchment limitations, recipes, and raid locks will all be tweaked in the patch:

“Raids may now be entered as frequently as you want, and you are no longer locked out after clearing it once a week. You won’t receive any prizes for clearing it a second time in the same week, much like our dungeons, but you will be able to train or assist others with this update. As a max level player, you’ll receive the Instance Escort boost, which allows the following behavior. […] The Quest Group Expedition has been modified to require clearing one of the two simple versions of the new raids after August 12th.”


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