SWTOR has always been a popular MMO, but recently its popularity seems to be waning. The game’s latest update is going to address many of the issues that players have complained about for some time now.

The “swtor 7.0 gear sets” is a new update to the game that was released today. The update includes changes to artifact gear and combat styles.

SWTOR’s GU 7.0.1 rolls out today with updates to artifact gear and combat styles


GU 7.0.1 is now out for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it’s patch day. Season 14 PvP prizes are now available, as well as updates for the outfitter and information windows, loadout changes, GTN item search improvements, the elimination of the level 60 character boost lesson, corrections for many problematic caches, and a sprinkling of balance modifications for select fighting styles. Artifact gear has also been modified by BioWare to prevent misunderstanding.

“We wanted the Artifact gear to clearly appear and feel like an upgrade, therefore we changed the stat distribution of the Artifact gear to make it more noticeable to the player.” Players will notice that any Artifact level gear with a Crit Rating will seem and feel stronger than Prototype quality counterparts as a consequence of this change. When comparing Artifact gear to its Prototype equivalent in the live game, players will see that Mastery, Endurance, and Critical Rating all fall while Power increases. It’s tough to tell which gear is an improvement and which isn’t, according to players. When comparing Artifact to Prototype, players will notice a significant increase in Power and a decrease in Endurance, but no change in Mastery or Critical Rating. This will make determining which Artifact gear is more powerful simpler.”

On the Imperial Kolto Refining Platform on Manaan, “[p]layers are no longer locked in a chair after employing a charge ability on the adversary.” Those chairs are going to get you.

The servers are projected to remain down until 1 p.m. EDT today, just as this article goes live.

Patch notes may now be found at https://t.co/dX1Sy827. We

— The Old Republic (@SWTOR) March 21, 2022


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