The ongoing Elder Scrolls Online teases have been a popular topic in the game community. This week, it was revealed new clues about what might be coming next for the MMO that began its life in 2011.

The “is elder scrolls online good” is a question that has been asked for a while. The Elder Scrolls Online has released cryptic clues to their 2022 release date, leading us to believe they are teasing the game with something.

The Elder Scrolls Online teases 2022 release theme with mysterious clues


Streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and poor gaming journalists started getting a mysterious gift yesterday, foreshadowing The Elder Scrolls Online’s next year-long theme. The letter seemed to be sent to someone else (Magus), but it was intercepted by Lady Arabelle Davaeux and diverted from its original recipient.

The message itself reads as follows:


During a raid on a hidden Mages Guild workshop, our knights were able to seize this medallion. Take a look at it. It must be safeguarded. Its function will be crucial to the Ascendant Order’s ambitions. Our knights must track down the magician who made it and seize the master template. Remember, we won’t be able to progress until we’ve accomplished our main objectives. The key to our victory and Tamriel’s redemption is the mystery of these medallions.

Do not let me down,

Your Lord

Lady Daveaux has added her own inscription, which reads:

We snatched this letter and medallion from its messenger as he passed through Glenumbra, adventurer. Investigate this group, learn about their objectives, and submit a report to me. You are free to choose your own pricing. Anabelle Davaeux is a lady.

The message was accompanied by a large medallion engraved with possible hints to the year-long trip that ESO users would embark on. A masted ship appears on one side, which corresponds to the teaser video released earlier this month. The other side will have to be tackled by someone more knowledgeable with Elder Scrolls mythology! What are your thoughts on these hints, MOP readers?


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