The House of the Dead Remake is a barebones, not-as-fun arcade shooting game with elements that seem ripped from other popular games.

The “the house of the dead: remake release date 2022” is a game that has been remade from the ground up. The game’s graphics are stunning, but it lacks in gameplay and story.

The House of the Dead Remake Review: Bare Bones

I’m a chronic reloader when it comes to shooters. I reload after taking out an attacker or getting my bearings during a brief period of downtime. I take advantage of every chance to ensure that my clip is constantly full. Looking back, I recognize where I got the habit: as a kid, I used to play The House of the Dead and its sequels in arcades. 

The House of the Dead games were a fixture of arcades in the late 1990s and early 2000s until the genre faded away. In 1996, the House of the Dead was published in arcades, the same year Resident Evil was released on home systems.

The light-gun shooter was a zombie-infested mansion on-rails carnage that rewarded collaboration and penalized blunders. It also penalized players who forgot to use the game’s signature mechanic: firing off-screen to reload. Trying to fire an empty clip often resulted in death at the hands of a rotting zombie — and another coin.

Today, it is no longer the case. Interesting platform spin-offs like the Wii’s Grindhouse-themed House of the Dead: Overkill have kept the light-gun series alive but just barely afloat long after the arcade days. And the most recent remake of House of the Dead doesn’t accomplish much more.

Review of the House of the Dead Remake: Bare Bones

The House of the Dead Remake for Nintendo Switch is a massive remake of the original game, with new visuals, voice acting, and sound effects while keeping the main four levels and monsters intact. There are also new features such as achievements and a picture mode. 

The additions are in keeping with the campy screenplay from the original zombie shooter, and the modernity is wonderful. The total product, though, seems light and provides nothing to draw novices to the House of the Dead series. 

The difficulty has been rebalanced and divided into three modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard, although you may also play with the original Arcade Mode balancing. A new gameplay mode is included in the House of the Dead Remake. Horde Mode is identical to the original game, except each encounter with a horde of zombies expands the horde to absurd proportions. While this may seem to be a “hard setting,” it really allows you to collect more points quicker than on simpler difficulties. 


You may pick between old and contemporary scoring modes when you start a campaign. More points are awarded for chaining kills into combos in the contemporary mode, which is a more forgiving and refreshing take on the concept.

This $25 bundle isn’t meant to gobble up your cash. You are allotted 10 Continues in all modes, and when you use them up, each subsequent Continue costs 5,000 points. It’s easy to burn through lives rapidly on higher levels, particularly if you’re playing alone. 

In House of the Dead, multiplayer co-op has always been the name of the game, and the Switch remake’s local co-op options underscore this historical significance. It does, however, maintain true to the original by only allowing two people to play at the same time. 

The Switch exclusivity is the elephant in the room here. It seems to have been produced for the same reason that the second and third House of the Dead titles were reworked and repackaged exclusively for the Wii. Light-gun games are a natural match for Nintendo’s motion-control systems.

This was true of the motion-sensing in the Wii-mote, and it is still true — at least on paper — of the gyroscopes in the Joy-Cons today. Using Joy-Cons instead of a light gun has a number of technical difficulties in reality. When you attempt to play The House of the Dead as a motion game that mimics the arcade experience, it’s riddled with inconsistency. 


Joy-Con drift is a regular complaint among Switch users, and it’s one that can spoil a game like this, even in circumstances when it’s minor enough to ignore. If you’re fortunate enough to avoid drift, the Joy-Cons’ motion controllers are great, but shooting with the face or trigger buttons isn’t quite as gratifying as shooting with an arcade light gun — or, really, even a mouse.

Given how frequently you’ll need to re-center even with a functional Joy-Con, binding the re-centering of the pointer to one of the face buttons seems more like a need than a luxury. It just does not function as well as we had planned; fortunately, it is not the only option. You may play with the sticks in handheld mode or with a Pro Controller. Both are more exact than using just gyroscope controllers, but they are less entertaining.

I found that utilizing gyro controls with both Joy-Cons and the left analog stick to make modest tweaks to my sweeping movements was the best solution. To the game’s credit, it has a plethora of customization choices that allow you to discover the control system that works best for you.


By today’s standards, the original House of the Dead is a lean piece of game design. While a playthrough of the four levels will take less than an hour, you will be destined to relive the same hour of material again and over. 

Each level has civilians to save and secret doors to shoot that provide you additional points, extra lives, and access to hidden passageways throughout the game. The process is a little complicated, but the ultimate outcome is usually always the same, with the exception of the branching conclusion, which takes into consideration all of your choices. These hidden incentives encourage you to play with a friend since you frequently don’t have enough time to kill oncoming foes while searching for stubborn background items. 

Nothing about the game’s design has been updated. It’s still a silly choose-your-own-adventure story with no substance, either in terms of setting or people. It’s a tone exercise that understands camp but may underwhelm newbies because to its shortness. In The House of the Dead Remake, there’s just not much to do. 

It’s a pity, since for a little premium, this could have easily been a two- or three-game collection in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater manner for $30 or $40. The second game’s remake might still be in the works, and given that they were both announced at the same time, it’s not unreasonable to believe that this was originally the idea.

Over the last several years, development has stalled for a variety of reasons, so it’s not surprise that a bigger project has divided in order to ship anything. Regardless of these aspects, we wish the asking price for such a short game was a bit cheaper. 

The Bottom Line on the House of the Dead Remake



  • New sound effects and voice acting keep the original’s essence alive.
  • There are a lot of options for controller and difficulty modification.
  • It’s still a lot of fun when you’re with a pal.


  • The motion controls aren’t always as precise as they should be.
  • Extremely brief.
  • I really wish it was available on Wii.

The House of the Dead Remake will be an entertaining zombie shooting frolic on rails for anybody who isn’t a die-hard fan of the franchise for approximately an hour. However, a buddy will be necessary to make the most of this hour. While you’ve got them at the door, see if they’ll pitch in for half the cost of the game. 

The “house of the dead: remake physical copy” is a game that was released in 2018. It was developed by Sega and published by Sega. The game is a remastering of the original Sega Dreamcast game, which was released in 1999.

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