The Quarry is a popular game that has been enjoyed on multiple platforms, from PC to Mobile. One of the biggest takeaways for players was how easy it made it to move their progress between these different devices and play cross-platform. If you’ve wanted your favorite games (or even a better platform) with friends, now’s your chance!

The “will deathloop be cross platform” is a question that has been asked for a while now. It has not been answered yet, but it will probably happen.

The Quarry Crossplay - What to Know About Cross-Platform

The Quarry Crossplay - What to Know About Cross-Platform Support

The Quarry has a lot of summertime spooks in store for us, and if you’re planning on playing it in co-op, you’re probably wondering whether crossplay will be one of the game’s first features.

Cross-platform compatibility would allow you and your friends to effortlessly access The Quarry’s online feature regardless of the version of the game they purchase. Let’s take a look at how things are going right now for one of the year’s most high-profile multiplatform games.

The Quarry Crossplay - What to Know About Cross-Platform Support

The Quarry Crossplay - What to Know About Cross-Platform Support

Unfortunately, it seems that The Quarry will not allow crossplay at launch. The feature was not addressed at all during the game’s introduction, which was centered on the game’s nine major characters and the importance of the decisions that players would have to make.

The official website for the game also states that multiplayer is limited to “the same PlayStation or Xbox generation only,” giving us another more reason to suspect that The Quarry will not enable cross-platform play.

  • The Quarry crossplay status is unknown at this time, although it will most likely be unavailable at launch.

Of course, things may change in the lead-up to the game’s release as well as thereafter. We’ll keep an eye on this story and update it as soon as we hear more about crossplay’s likely arrival at The Quarry.

Check out our articles on the game’s availability on Xbox/PC Game Pass and system requirements for additional information.

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The Quarry Crossplay is a game that allows players to play as julianna, who is the protagonist of the game. The game has been released on multiple platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cross-platform and Crossplay the same?

A: Cross-platform is the same as crossplay.

Can Xbox and PS5 play COD together?

A: It is not yet known if the next-gen consoles will be able to play together.

Is Astroneer cross-platform between switch and PC?

A: Yes, Astroneer is available on both PC and the Switch. You can play together with your friends or even against them!

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