Skyrim is a game that will come out of the player’s mind no matter what they do, it’s not just one experience but many. There are so many mods for Skyrim and more seem to pop up every day. With all these mods available there is also an overwhelming number of choices on this list with some great spots at the top-7. These 7 house mods should be tried by any gamer looking to have a new home in their world.,

“skyrim best player home mods” is a list of the top 7 best Skyrim house mods.

Top 7 Best Skyrim House Mods, Ranked

Despite its age, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the most popular open-world RPGs of all time, is still one of the greatest games available. Its profusion of player-made modifications, which breathe fresh life into the game, is one of the reasons why it has remained so popular to this day. That is why we will be discussing the finest Skyrim home modifications in today’s post.

Modifications featuring player residences are one of the greatest forms of Skrim mods. These sorts of modifications are wonderful for bringing new things to do in the open world as well as allowing additional opportunities to role-play each of your characters, whether they remodel a current player house or create a totally new one.

Let’s get started with the first mod on our list of Skyrim’s best housing modifications.


Cove in the Winter

80144-2-1478874123-1024x576Cove in the Winter House Mod Image courtesy of 1xmiha on HGG

  • 1xmiha is the author of this mod.
  • Size of the file: 1.4 MB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

First up on our list for the best Skyrim house mods, we have Cove in the Winter by 1xmiha! This is a smallish and simple player home that can be found in the area around Southfringe Sanctum. You can acquire it very easily by finding the key just outside the house, right by where the firewood is stored.

Up to three of your followers may stay in the residence. Its atmosphere is warm and rustic, with lots of beautiful furnishings that can be animated. I really like the warm lamps that are strewn around the home. In terms of functionality, it contains all of the game’s crafting stations. It also has a hidden compartment where you may store your armor and stuff!

If you want a peaceful little holiday location far away from Skyrim’s civil conflict, this is a fantastic home mod to acquire. It’s ideal for role-playing as a rough mountain Nord or an outlaw attempting to flee civilisation. Personally, I believe one of my characters will “retire” here after I’ve finished the game with him.


The Estate of Elysium

4119-1517998404-5246949384119-1517998404-524694938 courtesy of HGG

  • thejadeshadow is the creator of this mod.
  • Size of the file: 51 MB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

Next up, we have another player home mode: The Estate of Elysium, by thejadeshadow! This is a moderately sized home that is bigger than the Cove in the Winter one mentioned earlier. You can find this one fairly close to Whiterun, making it a good mod to get if you are just starting a new playthrough.

This is perhaps my favorite architecture of any player house mod I’ve seen. It blends in well with Skyrim’s landscape! The inside is lavishly adorned with potted plants, Nordic furniture, and water fountains! This home has my favorite interior design out of all the ones on this list. It has a lore-friendly vibe to it and is thorough without being overbearing.

The Estate of Elysium is good if you are playing as a Bosmer elf, as all the foliage goes very well with them. It doesn’t really have much of a “theme” per se, at least not compared to the others. I would recommend you go for this house regardless of your race or build, as it’s very practical to have.


Breezehome is completely upgradeable.

11158-5-1363734411-1024x576 Breezehome is completely upgradeable. Image credit: HGG/Sku11M0nkey

  • Sku11M0nkey is the creator of this mod.
  • File size ranges from 28.8 MB to 46.8 MB.
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

This mod does not introduce any new player houses, but it does update one from the original game. The Breezehome in Whiterun has been totally renovated, and you may now buy a dozen brand-new improvements. It’s a great mod to use if you want something that’s more vanilla-friendly but still feels like a step up from the main game.

The improvements themselves are plentiful, with one for each room. Fully functional bookshelves and extra storage space for your weapons and armor may be added to your living room. You may even have an alchemy lab and a sharpening stone in your basement! The outside garden, which can be filled to the brim with a vast variety of plants, is my favorite enhancement that comes with this mod.

There isn’t much potential for further role-playing since it keeps so close to the original game. Given its position in Whiterun, it matches my Nordic mercenary character well, so I’m not complaining.


The Dwemer Airship Asteria

22867-1548295038-555048132-1024x576 The Dwemer Airship Asteria Image credit: HGG/JohnnyQuest101

  • MATTCM919 / JohnnyQuest101 is the author of this mod.
  • Size of the file: 48.5 MB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

Have you ever fantasized of owning a flying airship? That’s right, you can now! You may journey down to the region near Falkreath Hold and obtain this highly distinctive player house with this mod, which was created by MATTCM919 for Skyrim (and converted to Skyrim SE by JohnnyQuest101).

The ship is nicely constructed, with tons of interior and exterior detail. It has a captain’s quarters, a kitchen and dining area, a deck that may be used as a veranda, and much more!

You might role-play as a wandering adventurer seeing Skyrim for the first time with this mod. Alternatively, you may be a renegade who stumbled across the ship and took it as his own. Maybe you’re a pirate or a robber who bases his or her activities aboard the ship? There are so many possibilities for role-playing!


Winterstone Castle is a castle in the Scottish Highlands.

2760-1521248901-1102189017-1024x576 Winterstone Castle is a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Image courtesy of HGG’s Lazz.

  • Lazz is the creator of this mod.
  • Size of the file: 65.1 MB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

Up next on our ranking for the top-7 best Skyrim house mods, we have Winterstone Castle is a castle in the Scottish Highlands.! This creation by mod author Lazz adds a dark and menacing castle that can be owned by the player. It is located near Riverwood, making it a good place to stop by at the start of the game.

With poorly lit chambers and gothic architecture, the interior is gloomy and eerie. It has a royal chamber, a library with several crafting stations, and even a tomb. The exterior is still threatening and cold. It has a number of lighted torches to illuminate the area at night, as well as ponds and other water elements.

If you’re intending on playing as a dark mage, make sure you get this player home mod beforehand. Its eerie atmosphere is ideal for a necromancer or any other evil magician. If your character is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, I would also suggest this mod (or any other evil faction for that matter).


Pineford Creek is a tributary of the Pine

67932-0-1437162343-1024x576 Pineford Creek is a tributary of the Pine HGG/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges

  • Mod Stuges is the author.
  • Size of the file: 774 KB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

Taking home the silver medal for the top-7 best Skyrim home mods, we have the Pineford Creek is a tributary of the Pine mod by Stuges! This is a lovely nature-themed home that can be found by traveling to the location shown below:

67932-0-1437164359-1024x576 Old Mountain Footpath Map Screenshot HGG/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges/Stuges

This is a nature-themed home mod with abundance of vegetation both inside and out, as previously said. This gives it a natural, overgrown vibe that contrasts well with the rest of Skyrim’s frigid environment. For all your storage requirements, the home has various storage areas and mannequins, as well as many standing stones and shrines for you to utilize.

The home is ideal for elf characters as well as anybody who want to role-play as a beastmaster or other similar character. Personally, I’m a big fan of plants, therefore I got this mod for my main character anyway.


Citadel of the LC

27059-1561948323-1424599894-1024x576 Citadel of the LC Image credit: HGG/Locaster

  • Locaster is the creator of the mod.
  • Size of the file: 460.6 MB
  • Nexus is a link to a website.

And now for our final and best Skyrim house mod, we have the Citadel of the LC mod, made by Locaster! This is a very impressive mod that not only lets you own a castle but an entire citadel of people for you to command! It features quests, plenty of NPCs to interact with, and a huge variety of other things to do as you rise through the ranks and become the king or queen of your very own city.

The castle itself has a mirror that enables you to alter your look, a big basement where you may store all of your items, and numerous new NPC merchants with whom you can deal. There’s so much here that it’s difficult to explain it all; instead, you should simply download it and check it out for yourself.

This mod is ideal for anybody who wants to pretend to be a strong commander or charismatic leader. It’s an excellent mod to acquire after you’ve completed the game and want to play about with a DLC-style expansion.

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What are your thoughts on our list of the top seven greatest Skyrim home mods? Was it pleasant for you? Did one of your favorite modifications slip through the cracks? Please let us know what you think in the comments area!

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The “skyrim se best player home mods” is a list of the top 7 best Skyrim house mods, ranked. The article provides information on each mod and why it was chosen for the list.

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Whats the best house mod in Skyrim?

A: This can be a difficult question. There are many different mods for Skyrim, some of which make houses modular and adjustable in size to fit your needs specifically.

How do you make your own house in Skyrim?

A: You must collect materials to build. The most important material is wood, which can be found in trees and furniture throughout the game world.

How do you use my home is your home Skyrim?

A: You must use the following code to enter it. tp @home

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