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The week of October 24th, 2017 saw a lot of interesting happenings in the video game world. Here are the tales of the town from Midgard, in pictures.

The past week in the video game industry has been a rather eventful one, featuring the announcement of new games by both big and small names, a large beta test of one such game, and the release of a new expansion pack for another. On the indie front, the new trailer for the upcoming game “Tribes of Midgard” was released by developer Frozenbyte, and the beta test of the game’s latest expansion “The Banner Saga 3” was announced.. Read more about tribes of midgard ps5 and let us know what you think.

Tribes of Midgard is a brand-new top-down survival action game inspired by Norse mythology. It’s a game that can be played alone or with others, and it’s another indie success from the year 2021. Gathering, exploring, creating, and battling massive giants are all part of the game, as is working with a group of friends or randoms to safeguard the Seed of Yggdrasil.

Tribes of Midgard shocked me; it didn’t immediately connect with me, but I persevered and now find myself returning time and time again, really enjoying myself. Tribes of Midgard combines a number of different gameplay concepts. There’s the collecting of materials and leveling up your character and base, for starters. Invading adversaries, some tiny and others as big as buildings with enormous clubs, punctuate this with a few strokes, leveling your hard-earned leveled up Village. It’s the mix of these aspects that makes the game so good, and when you add in the multiplayer aspect, you’ve got something unique on your hands.

When you initially begin the game, you have absolutely nothing. During the lesson, you arrive in the world in your underwear and must forage for the most basic resources such as flint and sticks. After that, you may use the merchant in your town to create some tools. Now that you’ve got a few basic tools, you can cut down trees and mine iron to make weapons. Once you acquire weapons, you may use them to kill animals and opponents, as well as create new things. As a result, the gaming cycle continues in this manner. Exploration, collecting resources, plundering treasure, and leveling up yourself and your base are all good things to do.


With your starting kits, there’s a nice persistence mechanic here. Your first few attempts may not last long, but each time you play, you’ll get XP and gain access to the starting kits, which provide you with clothing to get you started in the world. You’ll still need to collect a few resources at the start of each run, but you’ll be up and running in no time.

There are lots of resources to collect, such as flint, wood, iron, stone, flora, fur, and other materials that may be used to make weapons and potions. Souls are one of the major currencies in Tribes of Midgard, and they drop from everything. To gather Souls, cut down a tree, kill a Wolf, kill an archer, pluck a mushroom… you get the idea. Should be returned to your town and either spent in leveling up the gates so you won’t be assaulted, or handed in to your Seed of Yggdrasil at the village’s center.

The Seed of Yggdrasil is a tree that grows in the center of your town, and maintaining it alive is the game’s primary goal. As the sun sets each night, adversaries will emerge from the darkness around your town to assault the Seed of Yggdrasil. Their goal is to destroy it, and your goal is to stop them… simple as that. More opponents will appear night after night, and as time passes, they will get more strong, therefore it is up to you to stop them.

This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. One method is to gather resources, craft, and level up your character. Better weapons may be obtained from the village blacksmith, and better armour can be obtained by making and gathering different things such as fur, wolf fangs, and similar materials. You may also improve your base’s defenses by reinforcing the gates and erecting archery towers there. Anything that will keep the evil creatures from attacking and destroying the Seed of Yggdrasil during the night.

A Jotunn will sometimes emerge. This is a gigantic monster that will emerge on the battlefield, and they have enormous health bars. Taking down these giants will need a coordinated effort from a lot of people working together. Some wield huge Ice Clubs or Firey weapons, while others wield spells. All of them are hazardous, and they slowly start making their way towards the Seed of Yggdrasil to attempt to take it down from their spawn location on the map, so it’s important keeping an eye on when they spawn and coordinating your squad to fend them off before they get too near. You have to keep one eye on what’s going on in the village at all times. If you’re out collecting resources or battling a Jotunn and the enemy strike at night, your Seed of Yggdrasil won’t survive long, and the game will be over before you know it.


The map is very large, and walking across it will take a long time. There are many convenient quick transit stations that you may find when out walking and traveling to and from your base, making it much simpler to move about. Each time the map starts off dark, you must go out and investigate. There are surprises around every turn; you may battle opposing bases and then plunder their riches. There are a number of various settings as well, and keep an eye out for the snow and ice because if you aren’t clothed appropriately, you will freeze to death. This was something I had to learn the hard way. If you do die, though, you’ll leave a chest behind, and you’ll be able to retrieve part of your treasure by returning to the location where you died.

As the game progresses, the creatures you encounter on the map get more difficult. When you enter a new location and discover that the opponents are considerably higher level than you, it’s a good idea to flee before they kill you. Combating these foes is also enjoyable, and there are many weapon choices. Swords, bows and arrows, axes and hammers abound, as do other Viking weaponry. You must first aim with the mouse, then swipe with your weapon by clicking the left mouse button. It takes some getting accustomed to, but I found the fighting to be extremely rewarding. It’s not too detailed, and you can get right into fights even if you haven’t played before. Because I was using the mouse to explore the screen, it was sometimes difficult to stay focused on the enemy in question, but it’s generally extremely accessible.

The game has a live service aspect to it as well, with seasons, a character screen where you can add and modify various cosmetics, and a store. We’re now on Season of the Wolf, which requires you to battle your way through several Jotunn planet bosses before facing a large wolf at the finish. Norsefell, the game’s creators, have set the scene for the game to be updated throughout time. Given that it’s a live-service-like experience, the team should include some quality-of-life enhancements as well, since fixing devices may be time-consuming, and there are a few glitches. There aren’t any big faults, however there are a few small ones.

Tribes of Midgard is set to be another big indie success in 2021, and it has a lot going for it. This one is worth checking out if you like creating and collecting, as well as teaming up with others to take on global bosses and protect your base. I believe it will only become better with time.

Norsefell is the creator of this game. Gearbox is the publisher. Platforms: Personal Computer The movie will be released on July 27th, 2021.

The latest tribal news from the midgardian tribes!. Read more about tribes of midgard local co op and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tribes of Midgard release date?

Tribes of Midgard is not yet released. It is scheduled for release on January 23, 2019.

How many people are in Tribes of Midgard?

There are currently 2 people playing Tribes of Midgard on Steam.

Is Tribes of Midgard PS5 exclusive?

No, Tribes of Midgard is not an exclusive game.

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