V Rising is a new, decentralized gaming platform and virtual world that focuses on the player experience. By acquiring V tokens, players have access to exclusive game items such as character customizations or skins with unique abilities. The company will soon release its closed beta which many gamers are waiting for eagerly.,

V Rising is a new game that has been released on Steam. It’s a sci-fi first-person shooter with a unique character progression system. The developer, VDare, plans to expand the closed beta soon. Read more in detail here: back 4 blood.

V Rising talks about its V Blood character progression system, plans expanded closed beta soon


You’d think that as a vampire in V Rising’s survival mode, you’d have to eat some victims to receive their wonderful blood. However, not all possible meals are created equal; some of them will include V Blood, a mechanism detailed in the game’s most recent dev blog.

V Blood units are the main way of character growth in V Rising, hence obtaining them is a significant game loop. V Blood may be found in a variety of formidable targets, ranging from expert crafters to military commanders to deadly monsters, all of whom can provide some type of character advancement when destroyed and their life force is depleted. In order to find these targets, players will need to use a Blood Altar castle equipment that allows them to concentrate on a target, establish objectives for themselves, and ultimately decide how their vampire will evolve.

On the issue of development, the article concludes with a mention of beta testing that took place in December, stating that observation and feedback will lead to “huge enhancements” and a “richer experience and test environment.” The game’s second closed beta test, which will broaden the game’s testing pool, is scheduled for the end of this quarter. Those interested in being included to the prospective list may join up right now.


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