Final dev diary for David’s Victoria 3. It’s the last dev diary, and that means it’s time to close the book on David’s efforts on one of David’s favorite games. As part of this diary we’ll cover the things that David’s team has been working on for the past couple of months, and how they’ve been designed to make life easier for players.

In this month’s article, we’ll cover the importance of role-playing in games. We’ll also discuss what we’re doing to make the role-playing in Victoria 3 more immersive.

Victoria 3 is a game we’ve been working on for quite some time. By now, we’ve released a huge number of screenshots, videos and a massive amount of media material. We’ve even provided the enthusiasts of our game with a collection of in-depth articles about the development progress. However, this is all very little, in comparison with the things we plan to share with you when the game is finally released. In order to reveal more of the game we’ve been working on, we decided to stream a series of “Dev Diaries”, on a schedule of 2-3 per month. The goal of the series will be to show you new features as they are developed, and how these features evolve in the game.. Read more about victoria 3 dev diary 3 and let us know what you think.

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 10 Details the Importance of Infrastructure

Victoria 3 has a lot to offer grand strategy fans who like to concentrate more on economic elements, and dev diary 10 expands on how Infrastructure works and why it matters so much following last week’s discussion of national markets.

Infrastructure is represented by two distinct variables in each of Victoria 3’s states: Infrastructure and Infrastructure Usage. They determine your market access, and you should make every effort to guarantee that the current infrastructure is greater or at least equivalent to the use in a given state.

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 10 Details the Importance of Infrastructure

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 10 Details the Importance of Infrastructure

If use ever rises, dev diary 10 states that your Market Access will be reduced “by an amount proportionate to how much of the usage is not being served.” With a 45-percent Infrastructure and a 90-percent Usage, Market Access is just 50%, impacting pricing and availability of products.

“This asymmetry exists in both ways. If you have one state that produces bread and another that produces iron and both have complete Market Access, the price of iron and grain will be the same in both. If the iron-mining state’s Market Access is decreased, the market price of iron rises while the mining state’s local price of iron falls “the programmer writes

“However, the iron-mining state will be unable to obtain as much grain, increasing local prices while lowering prices throughout the market.”

The effect of possible infrastructure problems is also determined by the commodities required by a state. In rural regions, you may be able to get away with only depending on local produce. When the intricacy of needed products develops to the point that you need to bring them in from another state or nation, or send them to Pops somewhere else, be sure you have the resources to do so.

“The kinds of buildings that exist in a state, as well as their level, influence the state’s infrastructure use. Chemical Industries (a heavy industrial building) will use many times more Infrastructure than a Rye Farms building of the same level, thus Chemical Industries (a heavy industry building) will require several times more Infrastructure than a Rye Farms building of the same level “10 reads on the dev diary

The railway network of a nation is sometimes referred to as “the most important element” of its infrastructure, according to Paradox. Railways need Pops and access to resources like as coal and engines in order to operate, which is a critical component if you want to industrialize regions and get them to work effectively.

“To be useful, railroads must be able to return to the market capital, or to an exit port intended for the market capital. In practice, this implies that each railway can only offer infrastructure to the extent that the best neighboring railway that links it to the market capital can.”

In Victoria 3, infrastructure not only refers to the transportation of commodities overland, but also to military logistics and migration. More information about its complexities may be found in dev diary 10, which is referenced above.

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