Zenith, a VR-based MMO that promises an immersive experience in which players can become gods of their own worlds and universes has been widely anticipated since its announcement back in 2017. The game finally went live on the Steam store this week with mixed reviews from critics.

Zenith is a VR MMO that has launched with many bugs and server issues. The game has been in the top sellers list on Steam for a few days now, but it is still plagued by bugs.

VR MMO Zenith addresses launch bugs and server issues, lands in Steam’s top sellers list


With RamenVR’s virtual reality MMO Zenith officially a launched VR game, the devs have been working on keeping pace with bugs and server populations. One of the latest updates has fixed some bugs and has also removed shard locking for the game, while a post on Steam at the game’s launch discussed server issues caused by cloud server API issues and promised to continue to address the issue.

The game’s debut looks to be going well overall, with Steam data indicating a little over 4,000 players at its peak and a position on Steam’s top sellers list a day after launch. Zenith climbed into the top 10 on Steam’s best sales over the weekend, with around 3000 concurrent users last night — all without a formal PC launch.

Many players have been pulled in by the interaction of VR and the social features of the MMO, while others have complained about the poor resolution and limited graphics grunt. “For 30 minutes, I observed my buddy fleeing away from a stranger [who] attempted to force feed him noodles,” writes user CosmicMaik. 10/10.”

Ramen VR was pleased with its performance, promising a roadmap in the next week. Let’s hoping a PC timeline gets included!

“On launch day, Zenith topped the charts on every platform we released on, defeating titles like God of War, Elden Ring, and Monster Hunter World on Steam.” According to VRLFG, we have been the most played paid VR game for the last three days (only RecRoom sits above us). Wow. Wow, just wow. The outpouring of love from our community has been fantastic, from those of you who experienced absolute immersion while watching the dawn with a new friend to the power players who continue to wow us with how quickly they reach endgame. Zenith is already a massive universe, and we’re just getting started. Trust me when I say that things are only going to get better over the coming year. Next week, we’ll reveal a portion of the roadmap. I hope you’ll be able to join us soon at The Last City.”


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