Despite a lot of hype and early promise, the VR market is still in its infancy, and markets are being saturated with many different niche experiences. Ilysia is a VRMMORPG with a focus on careful and informed game design that it hopes to differentiate from the big names in the space. By being open to the community as a whole, not just the loudest voices, Ilysia hopes to build a strong and stable community that will help it mature.

VR MMORPG Ilysia has been available to play since early 2017, and the development team has been working hard to add new features to the game and improve the user experience. They’ve been in touch with interested investors to help finance the development, and are now planning to launch a beta test for the game later this year.

A new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) just entered its first alpha testing phase, and it’s only available on the HTC Vive headset. This means I’ll have to travel to a test server in Seattle to experience it, and that’s not something I can do every day. This game is called Ilysia, and it is a science fiction–themed, multiplayer, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).


We last checked in on Ilysia, the Kickstarted VR MMORPG that promised to allow players “relive the golden days of MMORPGs” with climbing, pet battling, exploration, combat, and crafting, almost two months ago. Readers may remember that the game’s crowdfunding campaign skyrocketed, with over $150K raised and 13 stretch goals fulfilled.

Until now, the game has been primarily focused on its first alpha test, which began in June. That’s where we start, with a look at the game’s official Discord, where Team 21 Studio’s developers gave some preliminary ideas for the game’s future steps:


In terms of more current news, another statement was made on the game’s Discord, revealing that the dev studio has secured some private funding for the game’s development. The developers vow that they would “continue to stay attentive and spend these money towards the ongoing development and expansion of Ilysia and nothing else,” but no specifics were given.


The company is looking for a senior game developer to join the team as part of the game’s ongoing expansion initiatives. This new job will assist the developers in the implementation and testing of new features, the review of code, and the tracking and resolution of problems. The job ad was also posted on Twitter, and it seems to remain open as of this writing. The game’s Twitter account also boasts about a supposedly successful early access launch of the VR dungeon crawler EverSlaught, as well as boldly declaring PC VR’s progress by referencing a graph depicting the increasing number of connected VR devices on Steam.


Ilysia is a new video game that recently launched its public alpha test, and recently secured funding from the German government to help it grow into a future VR MMORPG.. Read more about ilysia discord and let us know what you think.

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