What’s behind this fear-mongering?
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WAPO’s latest Bobby Kotick article lays bare his vindictive litigation history

Cackle cackle scheme sneer.

According to rumor, Diablo IV’s hidden final enemy will be a monster considerably more wicked and Faustian than Diablo himself. And, on a completely different note, the Washington Post has an article up on how Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, who is said to be on his way out, has made it this far in the business without getting fired.

The article, which focuses on Kotick’s leadership up to the ABK crisis this year, portrays a bleak picture of his personal and professional background. “[A]n early venture — with Kotick blazing toward profits while leaving a path of dissatisfied workers — was a case study in his attitude to business, which would become widely recognized over the decades that followed,” the book reads.

According to WAPO, Kotick’s attorneys issued a long letter to the journal decrying the study as an effort to discredit him, but that didn’t deter the author. Court documents suggest he intimidated attorneys, exposed illegal workers, stiffed subordinates, had staff spied on, and sued an electronics manufacturer for causing his bathtub to fill up at random, according to the newspaper. He had to pay with shareholders who claimed he profited directly from the Vivendi acquisition. Of course, you were previously aware of the wrongful termination claim brought by his own flight attendant, which he paid, but he then attempted to stiff his attorney, who sued him and won in arbitration. He also lost his closest buddy for money, according to reports.

So how can Kotick get away with dodgy dealings, harsh tactics, and staff mistreatment? In a nutshell, money. Kotick’s management made his firms a lot of money, which gave him a lot of latitude with the board to do anything he wanted. According to WAPO, if Kotick quits after the Microsoft transaction complete next year, he will take $400 million in stock holdings with him.

It’s an excellent read if you want to feel icky afterward — or if you want to feed the embers of your hatred towards Kotick even more.


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