Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a game about a band of desperate heroes fighting back against an army of demons as they explore a deadly cityscape, search for precious artifacts and unravel the secrets of a supernatural plague. It’s an epic cooperative adventure that’s part co-op arena shooter and part first-person action RPG.

Vermintide 2 is the sequel to our smash hit co-op action game, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. The game received a ton of praise for its fast paced action and intense combat, but its biggest flaw was the repetitive nature of its environments with their linear design and lack of player choice. With Vermintide 2, we aimed to solve these issues by introducing a larger variety of environments and ensuring players have more control over their progression.

word-image-8790 Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s goblet trolls are some of the toughest opponents the Ubersrike quartet will face. They are capable of powerful melee attacks and spewing biting bile at anyone unfortunate enough to stand in their way. So it’s easy to understand why players panicked when it was revealed that these creatures are capable of full regeneration. Fortunately, this is just a bug in the visual health scale, which was added in the recent Sister of the Thorn update. Gall’s trolls in Vermintide 2 go into hibernation once you’ve consumed half of their life bar. Normally, the empty part of the health bar turns yellow, representing the amount of health the creature will regain when it gets out of the trap if the player doesn’t hit diligently. If your group eliminates all trolls, you must add half a life bar to the troll to permanently kill it.

Vermintide 2 Gall Troll Beetle

word-image-8791 word-image-8792 After the release of the Sister Thorn update or any of the patches, players noticed that the Gall Troll’s health bar went back to maximum regardless of the damage they dealt. This of course caused panic among those involved, at least until they shot the animal as usual. However, the bile troll health bar bug in Vermintide 2 is purely visual. Also, it only seems to affect guests, as players who take control of the game say they don’t see it. This means that while the monster seems to have gained stronger regeneration abilities, this is not really the case, and you should be able to kill it as quickly as usual. Remember to dodge his attacks, especially near the ledges, and try not to die in general. We’ve reached out to Fatshark for comment and will let you know if we hear of a fix. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

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