Wild Dive is an interesting mix of time management and resource management, where you must balance your actions against the needs of your village. Mixed with a dash of city building elements, this game really feels like you’re building a village. I haven’t played a game like this before, but I enjoyed my time with Wild Dive and look forward to playing more in the near future.

Wild Dive is a 3D adventure game where you play as the leader of a band of heroes trying to rescue the princess that has gone missing. The game takes a turn for the strange when you find yourself in a parallel universe with a princess you never knew you were looking for.

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In Objective 3D’s Wild Dive world, players race through the wilderness and try to survive – a game designed for speedrunners and flight fanatics alike. Does this first-person racer have what it takes to fly, or is the title a sham?

Wilderness Diving Review

On an island in the middle of the ocean, the birds who call this land their home honor the centuries-old tradition of releasing their kind into the wild. Among his flock of feathers, however, is an imposter: Weasley the Weasel. Dressed in feathers and leaves, he must make a wild leap (hence the name) through three different levels full of danger.

And what a wild ride it is. The player navigates primarily with the mouse and must face the many dangers and bottomless pits that stand between him and certain death. While it’s nice to be able to take three hits and have a few checkpoints where you can catch your breath, this game can be difficult for those who want to reach the top.

The controls are reasonably adapted to the speeds of this game. While it’s nice that the sensitivity is intentionally lowered, it also means that it takes some getting used to. It takes some getting used to, especially at first, to work your way through this madness. However, the game is lenient with the difficulty and doesn’t punish failures too much.

Wild Ride gradually introduces concepts as the player progresses. The ability to dodge hazards, run along walls, lean to the side and get to the pink fruit makes all the difference. While it can be difficult to see the camera move properly, the game makes an admirable attempt to give players the tools they need to win.

In each race, players can collect fruits and artifacts along the way. Depending on your results, you can earn a feather from bronze to platinum. This game is a bit short, with three levels that average about 20 minutes. But just like in the Sonic Adventure series, getting a high score after a perfect run will encourage players to log in much more often.

There are also a number of performances outside the standings. These achievements can be added to your profile by collecting artifacts in each level, collecting fruit, completing levels within a certain time or finishing a race without dying. Nothing out of the ordinary, but beautiful nonetheless.

Wild Dive’s first-person action focuses on the kinetic energy that made the early 3D Sonic games so great. Although the soft controls take some getting used to, this short but sweet points race is well worth the effort for any speed lover.


This test of Wild Dive was conducted on PC. The game was downloaded for free.

In Objective 3D’s Wild Dive world, players race through the wilderness and try to survive – a game designed for speedrunners and flight fanatics alike. Will this first-person racer

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Wild Dive is the latest game from GamersHeroes, a mobile game developer that’s been around for years. Their reputation as a studio known for years of quality games has high praise from reviewers and players alike. Something of a sleeper hit, Wild Dive actually won the People’s Choice award at the 2017 MGA Awards, and has been praised for its gameplay, art, and design.. Read more about outriders opencritic and let us know what you think.

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