World Seed was one of the most ambitious projects on Kickstarter. The team had a great idea, but unfortunately they didn’t reach their funding goal and were forced to cancel the project. Now World Seed is still going strong, with new game content planned for release this year that will be free to everyone who backed the original campaign.

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World Seed’s Kickstarter didn’t fund, but development marches on


We covered World Seed, a cross-platform MMO with a tabletop theme built by a single Swedish creator at Ape Egg firm, back in December, however the studio has since grown as the game’s surprising popularity has grown. The firm revealed a 2.0 version of the game, effectively a relaunch, just before the holidays, along with a Kickstarter to finance and advertise it.

I’m sorry to announce that the Kickstarter campaign did not succeed. The crew confessed on Discord a few days before Christmas that “the Kickstarter isn’t going as well as we’d hoped.” It had a modest financial target of roughly $8600 US, but just $1500 US was raised, bringing the financing round to a close this past weekend. The Kickstarter campaign was supposed to provide better audio, PvP tools, and dynamic dungeons, but World Seed is moving on as promised.

Ape Egg has continued to deploy updates to its early access preview server, with racial benefits, dungeons, missions, combat, and the market checked off so far, with PvP dueling, the in-game shop, experience, proc effects, and “overall balance” more to come.

Ape Egg noted at the time, “There are still a handful of things to accomplish before we can release 2.0 to the public (via Steam early access).” “As promised, I plan to release it in January next month.” Because our Kickstarter campaign runs through January 22nd, it only makes sense for us to distribute it between January 22nd and January 31st, 2022.” The preview updates are still flowing as of this morning; they’re up to 0.30.8 right now, and the programmers have also released a debate on balancing.



The original version of the game, now known as World Seed Classic, is still accessible and will reportedly remain so, despite the fact that it will no longer be developed; it’s free in-browser or $6 on Steam.


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